Toronto in thei history uses clowning around on the field to throw away games.They are a leader in bloopers and mishap plays giving more than 40% of free runs to opposition.They look funny but are deliberate.The World Series J's did not blooper around which is a problem why Toronto is a spoiler.They also blooper around with pitches and serve over the plate fat ones.Team does this because players are loyal to other clubs.Bloopers are slaughtering the J's from .500 to falling to bottom.Part of the J's playing and many J's commit these errors.Play in ML like a loser.They fail to track the ball down and throw the ball in the dug out.Lack of esteem as a J.Lack of character as a Blue Jay.Toronto has had goofy players in their history and highly paid players that do this clowning around to throw a game.Boston is not a a great team from Toronto playing them with no challenge and high rating.Easy wins from Toronto and to do clowning around to throw more games.Toronto is a loser team because of errors and end of the season errors cost them games.Lack of enthusiasm to be Toronto.This is to have number 1 teams cheat and they will do it for bottom level teams too.Throw the game.This has turned into a type of play from playbook.No discipline in Toronto to have this as a play.And its destroyed Toronto as they treat things with no importance.Unimportant.Slacker.Come to Canada to make grub and screw games.Toronto will never play consistant and competitive as long as this clowning around with the ball erros exist.This landsides Toronto to losing skid and inconsitant record.President protects J's to act like this nothing militant in them.No one to make change and put in some strictness.These are plays kids don't make only as 6yrs old.Do this at the ML level.Umpires have watched this from Toronto.Making blunders and running around in circles and in the fog they massively were operating on this.Lose track ball and let it drop.Confusion and free hit.Lack of training but they did not do this with NL teams or other teams.Players high names as J screw up.Baseball blunderers.Teams get free wins from a team that lets it be an error and a hit,double.Clowning around is destroying Toronto and is a trade mark of Blue Jays.Players in minors are not raised to not have this,not strict.Goof off ball.Toronto does not know the inside part of baseball and Americans.If they only knew this they would not look like idiots at the plate and on the mound,OF.They have cross ups and its from trying to cheat and learn what rest American team are doing.Left out of the league and are playing unsure.No great players come to Toronto because of GM and President.They don't know how to make a deal like American teams.Toronto was on a system like Padres they would greatly improve and look like they know what they are doing instead of stairing into store windows.Got to know insides part of things.Comparing to spoiler teams.Make blunders from making their own imitation and cheat from not doing a tactic properly they saw another do.Trade does not bring where the player was from and system from that team.Trade Dreamteam.They don't know from 1900.And from 50's.Some of these tactics like communication is ancient.Its in card games and board games.Even pool.That is why people form teams in bowling.Americans will keep winning and not just win test out their system effectiveness on Jays.It over kills Toronto.Best team for team to practice on.Toronto does not know what they are doing.Mixed up in communication and plays order to throw off and fool other team.Too predictable that 1 player has destroyed Toronto as batter and on mound.Toronto should have had a foundation and not to skip baseball school.Farm clubs are to do with baseball education.Training players to play against rivals.Toronto has a awful reputation as a geek and loser.This attitude to excepting losing and gathering losses.Team does not care to win.Put together a team to not lose.They seem to have enough money to keep losing.Many clubs in AL are competitive with chances to World Series.Toronto no alternatives but basement.Stubborn club in keeping losing as fundemental.They since 80's did not change much and gathered lots of losing.They lack leadership and many other attributes,bravery.They except to have a weak club.They have way too many losses in history for last decade 2000's they gathered losses to 2 World Series as dream team and are in category with loser team.How many Blue Jays were in the lineup.Problem because you want more of your own home grown players on World Champion than trade players.This is Toronto's problem.Many players have a cycle where they are not patriotic to Toronto and sign in trade and leave at end season stay less few months.They leave and play the game of their life against Toronto defeating Toronto.Former Jays from Rasmus,Wells,Derek Bell and Glen AllenHill to Cecil Fielder to David Cone hurt the Jays when they leave.This is they cycle that is revealing hurting the managing.John Farrell left Toronto and taught them to hate the World Series team Toronto was out for themselves and Major Leagues.Morris and Alomar.The whole team is not Toronto and they hurting the codes and signals from dugout and from catcher.Yankees are devil to Toronto as Satan is Boston.Umpires go with against Toronto.Trade and Free Agents.Russell Martin is hurting the Majors vs other teams.Former Jays even Rios hurting Toronto and outdoing Toronto like Brett Lawrie and trade to free agents to stock up other teams.They have a great game vs Toronto and Toronto's precentage vs former Jays is poor and former Jays winning.Patriotism to hatred to Toronto never win with this problem.Molitor in Minnesota.David Wells of Yankees.Timlin part of Boston.Alomar was homegrown by Padres,Toronto has to be able to come up with Alomar in their minors.Carlos Delgado and George Bell.Jessie Barfield.Other teams like Yankees destroy their own players even just to use them to World Series.They get hot in playoffs and play for 4 yrs in Majors.Toronto has to properly destroy their own players with the minors to teach their youngsters.Frank Thomas came to us with success and Vladomir Guerrerro was in homerun derby vs Rios..Game of sending signals and they say pickup a cellular.Try to play.And in practice you can cheat and bring out devices.Part of the game you must remove these aids only to practice not in a game.Use them in training.Toronto loses in trade for power.They aquire a homerun gobbler that only hits homeruns in losing cause.Gobble homeruns and hit poorly in clutch.Remembering amount of games Toronto loses.Homeruns in losing cause.And RBI gobbling.That is just hitting for themselves selfish which is in Blue Jays history.Power but without any control except from Joe Carter and Molitor.Senseless power just for themselves and stats.Not for the team.Wrong choice in type of hitter.Wasting Blue Jay money.

4 3 .571 1.0  Losses   48,414
2014 Toronto Blue Jays American League 79 .512 13.0 2,375,525
2013 Toronto Blue Jays American League 88 .457 23.0 5 2,536,562
2012 Toronto Blue Jays American League 89 .451 22.0 4 2,099,663
2011 Toronto Blue Jays American League 81 .500 16.0 4 1,818,103
2010 Toronto Blue Jays American League 77 .525 11.0 4 1,495,482
2009 Toronto Blue Jays American League 87 .463 28.0 4 1,876,129
2008 Toronto Blue Jays American League 76 .531 11.0 4 2,400,416
2007 Toronto Blue Jays American League 79 .512 13.0 3 2,360,648
2006 Toronto Blue Jays American League 75 .537 10.0 2 2,302,212
2005 Toronto Blue Jays American League 82 .494 15.0 3 2,014,995
2004 Toronto Blue Jays American League 94 .416 33.5 5 1,900,041
2003 Toronto Blue Jays American League 76 .531 15.0 3 1,799,458
2002 Toronto Blue Jays American League 84 .481 25.5 3 1,637,900
2001 Toronto Blue Jays American League 82 .494 16.0 3 1,915,438
2000 Toronto Blue Jays American League 79 .512 4.5 3 1,819,883
1999 Toronto Blue Jays American League 78 .519 14.0 3 2,163,486
1998 Toronto Blue Jays American League 74 .543 26.0 3 2,454,283
1997 Toronto Blue Jays American League 86 .469 22.0 5 2,589,297
1996 Toronto Blue Jays American League 88 .457 18.0 4 2,559,573
1995 Toronto Blue Jays American League 88 .389 30.0 5 2,826,483
1994 Toronto Blue Jays American League 60 .478 16.0 3 2,907,933
1993 Toronto Blue Jays American League 67 .586 - 1 4,057,947
1992 Toronto Blue Jays American League 66 .593 - 1 4,028,318
1991 Toronto Blue Jays American League 71 .562 - 1 4,001,527
1990 Toronto Blue Jays American League 76 .531 2.0 2 3,885,284
1989 Toronto Blue Jays American League 73 .549 - 1 3,375,883
1988 Toronto Blue Jays American League 75 .537 2.0 3 2,595,175
1987 Toronto Blue Jays American League 66 .593 2.0 2 2,778,429
1986 Toronto Blue Jays American League 76 .531 9.5 4 2,455,477
1985 Toronto Blue Jays American League 62 .615 - 1 2,468,925
1984 Toronto Blue Jays American League 73 .549 15.0 2 2,110,009
1983 Toronto Blue Jays American League 73 .549 9.0 4 1,930,415
1982 Toronto Blue Jays American League 84 .481 17.0 6 1,275,978
1981 Toronto Blue Jays American League 69 .349 23.5 755,083
1980 Toronto Blue Jays American League 95 .414 36.0 7 1,400,327
1979 Toronto Blue Jays American League 109 .327 50.5 7 1,431,651
1978 Toronto Blue Jays American League 102 .366 40.0 7 1,562,585
1977 Toronto Blue Jays American League 107

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