The Blue Jays have no format or system.They have picked to be a spoiler meaning income and revenues they bring in are below or half.It isn't.Its also bad guy bad natured players part of USA and population of good and bad and mafia.The Blue Jays signed the Devil's contract and won twice with players who were devil to Jays.Morris,Stewart and snobby British like Cone look down Toronto and a team got Cone the devil to Jays the Yankees and Satan to Toronto,Boston.They got all players that thought like devil to Toronto to make Yankees.And Boston.Its what your team is composed of what type of nature players.Bad boys and rotten people.Coaching and the staff running the organization.Umpires have a religious leader on field for this.Toronto curse no World Series for 3 decades.90's,2000's and 2010's.Lost alot of money competing to pay that went Yankee and NYC.Monkey on Toronto's back teams and players and umpires.Toronto could easily be against themselves from US popularity.Not right baseball and religion to go right way and raise the right players.Evil players and drought as Toronto learned they are in league of teams spoilers.Spoiler in umpire's view is evil.Fans generate negativity and choose popularity.They are losing in income.Winning the World Series put Toronto in a a class at no more they are spoiler.They have 2 World Series meaning responsibility and they have proven at a caliber to winning a trophy American teams won.They are not innocent club and history in World Series that all Hall of Famers wanted to add World Series trophy to their awards.Its not won by determination or luck.In fate a club is better than rest of the league like Toronto was with Dave Stewart of Oakland A's,Jack Morris of Minnosota Twins and having Paul Molitor from Brewers.They were able to beat the competition and proven their managing system is World Series.Not the same Jays from 80's.Back then and former World Series Champions for Toronto.In fate they could have had zero like most of America wanted and American supporters around world want Toronto at zero World Series and losing record.Not the case in history as they won what many Hall of Famers sought for.League back then is proving they are better than Toronto and World Series Jays imputed many part decade advise that was destructive for them to run club under the system they won World Series and they beat teams but people say "spoiler".Frustration on what it takes and to form back that team year after year and decade to go with the trade like their Champion club.Toronto wants players in deals and in their system that accuracy to follow plan.Pitchers and players in fielding and hitting that can follow Toronto instructions from history of facing the league.Players accuracy of following out pitches thrown and fielding,batting.Learning and obeying commands to Toronto's position vs league play and in their history.What diet and types of fielding,catching they do towards Toronto in their existence.Narrow down to decades then years that have pattern studied by Toronto stats experts to teach coaching staff for the game of signals and codes and memorizing.Memorization they play game in change of plan and code.During game.Compatibility.Aquire and raise obedient and preforming players to Toronto.That is how you have a Toronto Hall of Famer who mastered Toronto and to league high every year.Toronto's demands in codes,training.Swings they want them to do vs certain teams and patience to hold up.Trade they aquire someone that is high caliber that can have instructions done for him to preform with accuracy on instructions.Compatable.Fielding told to do fielding pattern and to play certain team in a fielding pattern,combine all fielders or go couple.Players that perform out Toronto instructions with accuracy.Most accurate and comes out with results which is to win and win in Toronto.Fundementals of Toronto in way they win to uphold structure of team in league play.That way you don't have coaches having shouting match on players because poor preformance of preforming the plan.Poor pitching location.Just does not get Toronto.Non compatible.Training.Problem is they are not like the Pirates in having a system for their club and homegrown players to obey codes.That is how they have discipline in their own farm system not from other ML teams.Mixing up codes and can you teach a player all master codes then its all gone when he signs with a team that is your opponent.Give away secrets they learned.Record of former Jays hurting Toronto in pitching and offense,fielding and play level as former managers and staff have hurt Toronto facing them.They have no minor league system.Minor league system participates in

Cito Gaston

a club being a champion.Get your Hall of Famers from minors and Manager.They have no format system and can't read rhythm.No record data on rhythm bios of teams and to study and adjust predict rival teams.They have no charts or computer simulators,behind rest of the league.They have no system.Go with many consecutive playing systems for game play.This helps you to predict and to have a format for each position like lines for actors.They have

Fred McGriff

it all setup.And you defend against stealing club secrets.You have a layed out plan for each position.Pitching and colaboration.Record of types of pitches per team the J's have faced.Teach this into farm system.And to teach what pitches and what type of hitter a J receives.What diet for hitting at the plate Toronto faces and have their farm team batters ready
Roberto alomar toronto bluejays.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

Roberto Alomar


Carlos Delgado


Tony Fernandez

Gruber-vid-tattrie 852x480 2397479039

Kelly Gruber

USATSI 6529528

Paul Molitor


Ernie Witt


Joe Carter


Jesse Barfield

for this.Jump on types of pitches they see to score.Trained on hit scoring pitches.Trained what innings they get this.Reports sent down to farm clubs.Manager is one that joins all small groups and plans under 1 plan.Joins offense and defense together.They get the president to do managing for some games.Coaches.Everyone qualified coach.Police are the ones you join to a team but can do destructive things to a team.They will hog numbers and stats.Team won't make the playoffs.Manager to install law and order with cop players.Then they won't take advantage of the team and club.Toronto does not have any format and aquires one from a dream team.Bad and rotten habit that the team does not want to go to school.They are ripping off a system and not growing one of their own.Not using Minors properly.Branching down minors is hurting Toronto.They have no starting pitching and pitching to compete number 1 teams.Not grown a team structure to collide vs teams at 1st place level.Pitching and OF no co-ordination.No team co-ordination when doubles are outs.Don't understand their starters.No have no homegrown elite pitcher or players.






Bickford, Phillip


Oaks Christian HS (CA)


Hollon, Clinton


Woodford County HS (KY)


Murphy, Patrick


Hamilton HS (AZ


Smith, Evan


Mary G Montgomery HS (AL)


Lietz, Daniel


Heartland CC (IL)


Boyd, Matt


Oregon State (OR)


Greene, Conner


Santa Monica HS (CA)


Graveman, Kendall


Mississippi State (MS)


Girodo, Chad


Mississippi State (MS)


Custons, Garrett


Air Force (CO)


Brentz, Jacob


Parkway South Senior HS (MO)


Mayza, Tim


Millersville University (PA)


Locastro, Timothy


Ithaca College (NY)


Dantzler, L.B.


South Carolina (SC)


Davis, Jonathan


Central Arkansas (AR)


Jansen, Danny


Appleton A West (WI)


Lauer, Eric


Midview HS (OH)


Ratcliffe, Sean


Pickering HS (Canada)


Vasquez, Christian


Lubbock Christian (TX)


Frank, Chaz


North Carolina (NC)


Reeves, Mike


Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)


Tewes, Sam


Waverly HS (NE)


Kalfus, Brendan


St. Marys (CA)


Hurley, Sean


Central Arizona College (AZ)


Silverstein, Scott


Virginia (VA)


Cable, Tanner


Northwest Mississippi CC (MS)


Florides, Andrew


Holy Cross HS (NY)


Dermody, Matt


Iowa (IA)


Pickens, Garrett


Delta State (MS)


Tellez, Rowdy


Elk Grove HS (CA)


Celek, Brison


South Carolina (SC)


Sawyer, Josh


San Angelo Central HS (TX)


Cabral, Edgar


William J Knight HS (CA)


Dunning, Dane


Clay HS (FL)


Arriaga, Akoni


Baldwin HS (HI)


Harris, David


Southern Arkansas University (AR)


Barber, Brett


Ohio University (OH)


Nunnally, Jr., Jon


Horizon HS (AZ)


Levinson, Zachary


Susan E Wagner HS (NY)


Ruiz, Antonio


San Gabriel HS (CA)

They have no post seas on experience and club is not selling,crowd of unpopular team.Attitude of the Club of the Blue

Dave Stewart


Jimmy Key


Dave Stieb


Jack Morris

200px-Timlin Prepares Champagne

Mike Timlin


Tom Henke


Duane Ward

Jays is negative.They select being worse than Baltimore and are very stubborn when they have a weak structure.Weak plan and game plan.All of the power is in managing and coaches.Players are not trained to a system.And they need a gifted elite player to train in Blue Jays vs opposing teams.Players in defense could trained to run patterns like rest of the league.Run patterns like codes and mixed up so the league does not know.Game plan is well read by opposing clubs and is not foolng any clubs.When they can read the Blue Jays without bios means that they can outplay and put on effective defense point Toronto can't score.They can crush Toronto's starters and pitching does not fool them.They have no problem scoring and shutting down Toronto with simple methods back further than 60's.Players are turning into commanders and using very simple tactics to make J's outs and win against them.Batting need a phylosophy.Need a world and a plan.You need plan in baseball.Manager combines plans of groups that practice he combines defense and offense.Batting they have no perspective in hot and cold zones as a plan.They don't know that teams use drawing from 60's as plan.J's need something compatible and from 60's .Teams operate on this as a plan.From drawings to the playing field.Need to grow their demands.J's have demands in facing opposing teams.They need types of players and pitchers for a type fo diet to feed opposing teams.Minor league can answer all of this and grow them to train them as training a manager.Teams don't go to the trade they build their own players.Solve their own problems.J's revenue is bad.Putting something people look to as a problem.Minor leagues is for player development.Develope coaches and managers.Coaches can merger their plans under managers.He unites all separate plan.A team must divide their training in parts on field.They are practicing to do patterns but are rehearsing things from minors.Minor they know what to do vs Oakland.Trained and vs Yankees.Manager used to unite plans in minors and can investigation a game and innings.He has joined defense and offense.Game is divided into plans merger under manager as one plan.They have coach for breakdowns.They have a structure and have built up structure to be very strong and pennant contender.Plan like players demanded to do defensive pattern vs Orioles.Touched up from game.Learn everything in minors and go down to them for structure.Computer batting is not for timing.Its a game plan.It gets them to swing for the weakness in an inning trained.Gets them with a probes jacket to check swing and make a world for batting with the coaches.Learn a game plan for batting.80's.Players are trained and learn way up to defense and offense.Many players and teams face J's use simple plans going to be a commander and defeat them with their own judgement.Minors is a place to train elite player or cop player to use judgement.Toronto would have a 20 game winner but one that diets teams Toronto faces with pitches they are out on.Catered to Toronto.All teams do this.Because they are facing them and each team in a perspective of how different ball they play.Toronto's schedule and pitcher has a different diet to feed Yankees and many teams don't want to be predictable.They get more complicated and Toronto has to adjust by feeding them a diet of pitches and in their history.Key to the present is their past captured in archives on other teams.Teach this to the minors train them to be breaking ball pitchers but in this part zone.Get the defense positioned to anticipate the opposing teams.Like without calling them they know to realignment and play back or shallow.Hand to reigns to a manager but your own.One that is loyal the know the ropes from minors.Got to test level of mangers IQ test.Draft a manager high IQ and responsbility.Team worker.One that can go upon a game plan.Follow the blueprints by the President and other coaches.Game plan is built from many practicing groups.Arrange each plan together.Manager can go teach part.Manager is in 20 to 30 sections or even 50.He then has major groups.Broken down.He then has the main categories.Broken in half defense and offense.And team rhythm,bio.He is smart and is focussing on a category.He texts with coaches supervising.Text again.Bullpen is part of that category and Blue Jays have focused on it half time.It should be 1/10th bullpen.Starting pitching is 1/3rd major part categories.Plan is set for starter.Starters don't have to innovate.Follow the clubs reports and game plan.Club should have scouted and even in the past and put together a diet of pitches.Just throw this vs Yankees and fly out.Innovating gets to trouble as hitters are like wasps and swarm on mistakes from innovating.RA Dickie.Get him in a ratio.He then can adjust but change his diet of pitches and have OF play a potential double as fly out.Know your pitchers and play to where out is for them,fielders.Minors you can put in a game plan.Hall of Famer has game plan and talent.He knows his teams system.Success.Next best manager.They dont' have to be a master mind to get the J's pennant.Responsbility.Archives and coaches.Cop as player is best grown in the club and minors.He will catch on to a game plan but you add him to the lineup and he is the type that will hit when bats are cold he is hot and in the playoffs he is hot.Cop will follow game plan.Manager has category for cop.Minors they train if a club wants to contend.Cop can put dispatch equipment on their chest to APB back to her rest of the police in practice.Even on the mound.Making a blueprint strategically place players year after year.Calling up players and having demand from them from minor league reports.Manager receives minor league reports and is more like a principle.Organizes up the plans and gets them going in a game.Organization.In innings as time.Much league uses things from the past on J's like a team system.Defeated Toronto in predicting the ball.Predict it on the mound and in fielding.This means the game.Toronto using past experience can predict the whereabout of the ball.Pitcher throws a pitch and contact.Where is the ball going being the Red Sox.In archives past where should fielder play them.Predict you can have the oppostion in your corner cornered.Fielders put on a play with the pitcher pitching inside and breaking pitches.Liner to 3rd basemen to throw to 1st out.J's should be more simple but catered to each team and each player in lineup.As decades go by selected unit of players they face and scouting,monitors.Use of monitors along with players active on field interaction that each view to playing surface,dugout,President's box and up in stands and bullpen have tv screen like telecast views of the games.When they do codes they even watch opposing to figure out their codes.Recorded archive on Blue Jays TV.Use this to do with coaching commands for offense and defensive plays using the Blue Jays private telecast.Replay and go over things.When they give defensive commands they watch what the players are saying in code from private telecast.Same with the catcher and pitching.Concentrate on aspects of the game like pitching and pitcher sending out codes.IF and their codes.President and dugout views get into the game and boundry lines have been painted onfield and distace in meters away from field.Use telecast bu t he team's telecast.Makes the code system more efficent that they know what the players are saying.Talking system using monitors.Magnify to areas they want and have mulitiple monitors and tablests.Game is going and sounds from stands and signals using colors.Call the dugout.Boundry lines.Visits past the lines to room with equipment.Offense in batting the focus on batter and base coaches and orders to pivot and lay back.Change batting.Pull the ball and batting alert conservative and contact.Signals from base coaches.Links players up network off-field coaching.Pitcher can send to pickoff what the umpires and opposing team is doing from his view on monitors.Interaction of videeo and coaching.Offense and defense alignments,players talk and President is talking and watching.Flick means using monitors.Batting change orders and send in scouting with video monitors,tablets.Combine coaching and bullpen with monitorsDrawn out.Unit changes in a few years from their accomplishments.Plays like a shift use predicting.Reports.Pitches.Players are rank level to what position they play.They need to break into a club from minors to have a plan installed on them.Then they make it to the Majors.Pitching.OF.OF has been a huge mix up on J's.Doubles really should be outs.Predictability of the OF and their shift on Tampa.Pitcher changes modes to Tampa.Diet and from 2000's says to feed them.Manager checks to see if each accomplishment is done and archives.He sees if his positioning is working and in practice its last say he has.Yells in codes to players.Get a practice going.Then practice broken up to batting and pitching,each group coaches.Says he wants them to avoid and swing foul off pitches,practice to foul off pitches.He studied in the 3rd inning weakness to Tampa.Its on 2 and 2 count.Position yourself inside batters box far back and swing early homerun swing to pull.You do this every game and each inning.Research and scouting from monitors.Draw lines on frozen screen or replay.Annalyst them as a team to players as a plan.No baseball tradition.Nothing much and meaningless.Alumni could teach the players and younger players what it takest to beat teams.Without winning seasons there is no baseball tradition.Players then don't pay attention to Toronto.It is wasting its own money and making nothing of the the past.Not winning now because of their simple problem of not installing a system on their youth.Empty handed and not to the fans but Toronto.They are the ones in debt and not drawing anyone.All-time lost money from losing and not baseball to teach.Alumi has no patriotism.They are not effecting the club and league reputation.Trade players come tot wreck J's and eager what is after Toronto for teams.No sell and waste in market.Nothing to look up to.Toronto needs aggressive pitchers.Ones that are not scared to throw in the srikezone to get outs with contact.Hard throwers to throw off hitters.Breaking pitchers throw them around the corners strike zone.Aggressive and taught will solve J's problems in farm club.Manager that is calm and layed back.Conservative.Patience and to have patient layed back doubles and triples hitters.Toronto should bounce around the ball.Slow speed to their pitches hitters will chase pitches and out of the strikezone.Throwing hard and punch it in on the hands.Throw it to jam hitters.If they do they ball can be controlled by shift down the lines.Doubles hitters to chase pitches and swing layed back.Not impatient hitters.Selective hitters.Ones that take alot of pitches and walks.Put in starting batting order and cleanup an impatient power hitter.Jumpy man with power.Search for homerun balls.Down the order to 5th and 7th power.Lots of pitches are thrown in 7th.Pop.To guess the team and put the OF shift to play shallow.Throw hard to jam play shallow shift.And divide the players like playing normal.Leave center field.J's fielders don't need speed but can cheat on hitters.Shift R and Shift L.Play far back to the wall.Power hitters.Put alert and go to the wall.Near the warning track.Then with a hard contact hitter to play normal not shallow.Manager who can guess this.J's will get lineouts.IF plays shift L and shift R.And for up the middle and in OF.J's receive alot of power hitting to finish them off.They have to respect that.Their problem is playing all of that power and they used to getting power hitters out playing shallow.J's know how to get power hitters to ground out.Then struck by lightning loaded in power hitter hurting them and hard contact hitter.Based on knuckle ball are breaking pitches and curves.Slow speed to the catcher that it offsets power hitters.Movement for the damage to be a ground out.Learn to ground out hitters.Keep ball high and fly ball.Low and inside ground balls to jam hitter.They must put teams to sleep.They can't play a game for more than lightning swing to come alive.Slow movement and fly balls they won't put life in hitters and pitchers.They are over-powering using hard World Series velocity on Toronto.Hard throwers is enemy of J's.Guile and trick ball pitchers.Put J's bats through hard time.Patient and layed back no green light.Swing late and defensive.Defensive but with power.Slow power swing.Cope with the impatient hard thrower.Hard velocity.And trick ball with movement.Patient and hard contact,fight fire with fire.But manager to then give them green light in certain innings.Spray charts.Player spray charts and teaching your pitchers this.For each player and as a team.J's are caught up in being fooled by more experienced teams.Playing a ball of bat the grenades.They are getting killed in this fire fight.They did it again and played shallow for a power hitter.Fooled.Spray chart and they can guess what pitch get them to fly out.Then aquire and or grow those types of pitchers.Teach them to throw within spray charts.Manager should not be impatient.Toronto is clouded up and this tactic to cloud up their thinking and prove false things to them.This has been their fault.Fundementals and they would have a clear path.Just by practicing baseball.Baseball is like checkers.What are teams doing to J's in checkers?To play a team and the playbook of coaching plays.    .Do a play.Get players to hit something that is not predictable like consecutive base hits.Get creative in basehit.Hit and then steal and hit a double control hitting to a direction.Base run pattern.Score.Pitching throw strikes and force hitter to get jammed.High velocity.Then throw something to fool offset hitter.Throw hard to be predictable as hit into outfield deep.Rule on hard contact hitters is play them deep.Power hitters deep.But if they cover diamond with a shift IF then OF comes close to play another IF.OF as IF.Play shallow on shift or centered.2 layers of IF to OF.OF do this to control hits.How deep they play. plays are combinations.Each pitch is understood how far they will go.Some pitches thrown inside and breaking stay in the IF.Infield.Throw hard and its lined into OF.Or fly ball IF.Combination of pitches.And teams bio.Pitcher is like a doctor in teams bio.Fluctuates.Combination at hitting.Extend and hit off knuckles.Hitter gets the pitcher to pitch to him.Power hitters do this.Combination of hits and plays.Manager and scoring plays.It takes many types of plays to score.More advanced teams.Double off the wall on 2nd.What wall?Grow a player who hits in spray chart.Direction.Control his hitting.Justification for throwing in strikes coach to be in charge of the diet.Lose control.Control meaning type fo pitch.Lose control and its not a breaking being thrown in strike zone.Out of strike zone failure pitch.Problem of the pitch changing to a homerun ball.Get the pitches into strike zone area.Put hitters on heals.Power hitters look for what fails or travels out zone.Justification proper pitch at 60mph into corner strike zone.Location getting ahead with strikes.Breaking and curve will break and land on corner.Moving to create movement out of the batters zone.On the knuckles and breaks for the lower corner.Look at Esmil Rogers fat ones.Go over video.Ones that were effective get him to throw and change his pitching arsenal and location.Boston is a huge problem J's as spoilers like Tampa and White Sox.Dodgers and Orioles and Reds.Coach takes in charge.Practice on simulator probes jacket.Learn never to throw pitch to these teams.Adjust where to throw to win.Blue Jays hitters to look for sloppy pitches,not done properly enough.Did not do a curve and breaking.Fastball is easy to correct and punch out Blue Jays hitters.Simulator practice to get wasted by fastball.Over and over til batting coach comes up with a plan.Batting probe jacket.Look for the hudreds of pitches that were slops but with location.Many teams throw sloppy on J's but out of the strikezone.Learn to go fishing and hit out of strike zone.Practice hot zone out of strikezone.Balls as hit ball.Ball is the big fat one.Or inside ball move hitter off.Many pitchers lose control.Study and bring new info use monitor to talk.Go over pitches on monitor hitter.Bunt hit ball can be defensive hit power.Bunting gets you to peer at pitches.Hitting coach.Cito Gaston did not know to do in coaching.Tactics he did not use and did not know well.Use fo military drugs but for baseball.Batting.Not preformance enhancing same as Angels use.Every club uses them even Boston.Gets J's to slow down and turn defensive hitter.And on mound.Coaches.Coaches distribute them to players.Opens military cache.Cito did not know about this and is paving way for J's to play as a rule.American tactics.Coaching needs to get the batters and pitchers to understand each players strike zone.Strike Zone changes per players.Pitcher needs to know this from scouting reports on other teams players and changing strike zone.Batters know the strike zone and swing to club a pitch.Each batter knows his strike zone.Pitcher goes through the batting order he knows each strike zone umpire uses on each type of batter and types of hights for batters or sizes.Batter knows his strikezone.He has the sweet spot.The hot zones and cold zones and practice batting for his hot zones.Watches pitches in a count.He knows his strike zone.Managers studies their strike zone and the strike zone of the game.He has reports.Learn to swing on pitches fed to a batter.Swing on pitches to remain alive or to get hit or homerun.Pitcher forced to throw balls to a batter.Loss of his control.Moving the runner into scoring position.Control their batting and put power on the ball to hit a double or a hard hit ball to the outfield.Control direction of their hitting rehearsed.Move the runner over.If they can hit to a direction they can hit to the outfield.Control their batting.Control their hitting.Have batters practice hitting deliberately to part of the outfield.Wait to receive the pitch.Moving the runner in a play.Hitter loaded potential to hit a play off the wall.Control his hitting to hit for the cycle.Power is power.Then a quick stroke.Jumping on the ball.Batter absorbs types of batting,head on top of the ball and what do they get.Pull the ball.Ball on the fists.To swing and drop the bat head on curve ball.Many balls over the plate they have to extension.Practice extension on strike pitches.Extension to put power on ball to outfield.In off the fists.Pull the ball and to know his hot and cold zones.When to swing and follow the pitch into his own strike zone.Alert to swing and how,many types of swings.Batting practice many types of swings effective in a game.Batting coach.His chart what is effective.Batters perspective and catchers.Batter counters catcher plan and signals to change the batting shift.Batter can judge a shift in hitting.Batting coach and  shift his hitting.Look for types of pitches as they go for the fastball.Location in matching cold and hot zones.Pitchers all have measurement of pitches bio and command.Command is how far the pitcher is obeying the club's diet and pitches ordered for a game.Command is the control he has in following the plan.He and the type of pitcher being types of starters and what diet the club said for him to throw and he practices it.On a computer simulator and real tosses.He then bio ratio club decided he can throw a pitching plan.His accuracy in fulfilling the plan.Bio measures his accuracy.Pitcher on his own will get hit around.But from archives and pitching coaches he then can throw the club's plan vs team.His pitching command.Club on a chart tells him where in strike zone they want each pitch.Practices on simulator to throw them.Or real tosses.Warm ups.Club raises arms and has a plan for each to follow.Pitchers memorize and can throw each pitch in location for success.Warm and hot zones,cold zones.Catcher is not a code sender but only tells what manager has change in plans or shift a plan.Catcher's job is to get batters out by revealing things about batter.Taught to learn plan and diet to other clubs.Minors practice in farm club.That way they don't push an arm.He has thrown plan in Farm club.Job is to get the arms ready for majors by pushing slowly and raising speed in fastball.They plant ideas and checkup on them to see if the plan is working on the arms future rotation.The pitcher follows plan and does innovate,shake off.Some pitchers can decide the pitching diet game plan.Behind in the count and club through the catcher says to throw in many parts strike zone for an out.They can throw a fastball to jam them or curve and breaking for a grounder.Or throw off-speed.No balls left forced to throw strikes on power hitter.Club's scouting on the power hitter and losing him.Lack of command.What pitches get him out?Hard stuff as a pitcher can change to what diet he feeds like to stay off-speed and curves and then go to high velocity for reasons on contact and power hitter.Reason for every pitch and they give you an out.What diet must feed a contact hitter that's been hitting ball to outfield.Club has to have ones in this and in a live game.Minors and farm club practice for emergencies.Have choices and real out pitches in the strike zone.Put the shift on in IF.Managers is a director.He directs part of the team.Directs the batter and Fielders.Directs and concentrates on the pitcher.He orders what moves for each player,decisions.He orders a formation with the OF and IF,play shallow,guard the lines,deep shift left or right.Batting he does more than green light.He orders a shift in batting,direction of hitting.Catcher sends orders from the manager.Manager uses his coaches.They all act as one under manager.He orders what type of game he wants from his players.They are just levels and styles.Concentrates on the starter and goes over plan with him.What pitches and what changes to catcher.Change in the plan.Alter.He could say upstairs curve to breaking low corner.Manager constantly changes plan or goes with one that wins that is competive.He plays checkers with the team.Changes in orders and in practice the game plan.All players have been given their orders.Talks to them in each inning.Toronto had a huge break down in their system they never used.J's won but Cito's ways like Thunderstruck in gathering a team and things from the past.He directed them and now not going to club or President is killing them.Toronto did not know about format and to raise their own Hall of Famers.Teach them to be Hall of Fame instead of aquiring them.Teach in a system to them.Cito does not do this and was from Bobby Cox.They were using a system those trade players were operating on.Feeding this but a Dream team has to be a format system dream team.Aquire players for section of the baseball field and their shift in hitting.Code is givin for this.J's had no codes and were loading everything on catcher.Drain in sloppy baseball.They had to practice before the game.Not signals.Practice signals in practice.And they make players catered to each and every player being the fielders and pitcher.Cito did not operate on this and to do a plan.Waste in aquiring when ML teams are making their own into specialty players.Pitchers.Organization.Manager to bring distribution and balance,defensive hitting.Speed and monuverability.NL qualities.This all made a stock pile and in ML assume since rest of the league all has their own ones.Different.Cito on the surface of the club and not internally and inside the team and organization.Manager goes internally.Depth the bios.Getting a team to peak in talent.This can happen but how can you count on everything there.Making and raising draft picks then you can form a team.Grow your own educated Manager.Growing a team not waiting for high caliber talent meaning to stay away from free agent and trade.Go to trade to improvise your club.Change in the system.High caliber talent hired guns could be a destruction.Growing your own players they will be gold glovers and All-Stars.Your putting your system in them.Growing a team and in stages you will have a better improvised team.They will master Manager's system and production.Club does not wait.Faster to be a champion and awards.This is the route clubs go.Manager needs a support because he is raising the difficulty level vs other teams.He is mixing and matching strategies vs other clubs.Move after move and in the batters box,defense and pitching.Countering relentlessly other manager club.He plays chess moves on this pitching.Chess on defensive alignment.Chess in batters box.Change directions of hitting and to do a play.World Series Blue Jays won because they could force hits and homeruns.Pitching was effective as forcing in strikes.Toronto needs players that can force hitting.They can hit unhittable pitches as homeruns and score in runs forcing it through.Great batters as forcing through managing.Coaching to be forced.Vs other teams managing.That is the only way Toronto can compete.They must raise players that can force through things.Pitching as strikes.And managing to steal bases.Alignment of fielders.Catcher.Huge guys weight wise not hight as pitchers.Larger players.Jays are too small and can't compete.Mix up larger players on the team to force through plays and scoring.Checker to force moves.Manager uses a phone to align his players.Toronto is having manager direct things from watching the dugout.Manager has people in the stands that yell out a code and IF sends codes.Players should have been trained to change alignment to play each batter.Failure of catering to opposition batters.Manager can see what batter it  is.His OF has to have a plan on what to play the batter.Players know something and from practice.But if manager changes plans in the stands workers yell out a code to OF and OF watch the IF for code and yelled.Signals.Manager can't yell out to OF.He can relay messages to IF and call stands.He can use listening devices and cellular in dugout.Dugout can have communication equipment.Legal in the clubhouse.Manager can talk into something that takes off when on field.Don't tell umpires what is in your dugout.Its legal but rest of the league does their own.Getting the OF and IF to change alignment to the batter.Pitcher will pitch the batter makes sense its his diet of pitches that is connected to OF and IF alignment.Using stands stadium staff to relay about how opposition's alignment and info sent back to the dugout.Manager anc coaches know from communications and computers.They tell the hitter to use parts ot the batters box which are commands.Back of the batters box to front.Inside and outside and what you get vs a pitcher.Where the batter is in the batter's box.Codes from the coaches.Control the hitting to OF.Control hitting green light or with power or contact or defensive hit.Each type fo hitter in batter's box has angle on pitcher.The Shift in batting.Send the ball pull.Go opposite field.Practice in farm club and practice before game in controlling your hitting and to let coaches hit by sending signal.This connected with baserunning is a play.And Toronto's favourite just in the middle of batters box or average.You got to trigger a player batter by sending them signals in how they bat and how you want to score.Many teams try the same thing but demand something different like double,triple and base hit.Hitting in the clutch.Know it before it left the pitcher and ready and prepared to clobber it from signals.Picking off signs from the scouts and team.Setup and hard contact.Scouting reports.Pitchers have each pitch as a signal.Signal is many types of messages even from noise not just hand code.Catcher filters out many messages to one command.Manager knows what catcher knows in signals to pitcher.Manager and his base coaches can override a command and or transmit one.Baseball is a game of best signals and opposing can't pick them off.Signals and make moves like checkers.Codes.Practice.Rehearsing and from minors,farm system.Blue Jay signals in them homegrown players.You try to have the trade level players in your farm system.High draft levels.President creates a team from farm club with GM.Drafting.Search for Blue Jays needs like a starter that has stuff that breaks half way to home plate.Need it to break few feet from home as in sliders.J's need this.Need a starter that has breaks half way to home.Ball will break in movement and go to home plate.League is too used to a break off home plate from Toronto.Batters ready for what they call"Hanging Pitch".Ready for the break and postioned in batters box to blast it out.Knew it before it left the pitcher the batter.Batter's signals.Deception.In batting and pitching meaning to be untrue to opposition and have a calendar.Need to lay down plans to make a team respond to diet of pitches.Throw outside on them but to get outs.Batting swing out over the plate fishing to setup waiting for the hangar over the plate for batter power.Deception can have runner on bases for scoring.Deception pitching can get outs but strikeouts for pitcher.In farm system practicing getting batters to reach away.Irradical.Swing over area or pitch area outside and focus on area far away.Pitch but to throw breaking and movement pitches for strikes.Changeup changed to movement pitch,up and down.Prevent hitting on the pitches.Trick the batter and for the batter to trick the pitcher he is swinging and pitching in area.To go after but to practice contact.Keep fouling and off pitches and for the pitcher get him fishing.Setup the batter in your directions for pitching.You throw outside and the batter positions outside but to guess your coming inside so he is far layed back in batters box.Deception prevents prediction and has to layed out as plan for pitching.Tricking opposition.Batters planning with coaches.Fool opposition you want this.But your also scouting them as player and coaches in dugout with ipods.Replays.Get the pitchers to be strirkout artists when farm system teaches fly ball pitchers to learn deception,trick and fool.Learn opposing team believes Jays want this plan from their past.Batting position batting box when your setting up to be layed back at the back meaning to wait on pitch for power.Pretended to swing after pitch and pitcher believes he is comitted next time.See's the hangar and gone for scoring ,trick runners on base.Cards and checkers to trick.Manager to mix and match codes to each coach.Change it with a signal.Give a signal for whistle or code yelling noise.PA to go off.Two ways of playing being to be on the strikezone and to be irradical{coming in out and all over} out of strikezone.Batters can pick the pitch to hit as in playoffs proven any pitch inside or out can be hit depends on club and hitter.Hitters style of hitting.Direction each hitters hit to and type of hitter.Doubles,homerun,contact,balanced,clutch.Each hitter club can plan out offense.Batting lineup done to get in runs.Its also when opposing pitching is weak.Put power behind hitters get on base.Cash in hitters with doubles hitter or by homerun.A base hitter is clutch hitter.What part of field hit towards club can control.Batting styles of batters get the ball hit in line drive or hard hit or popup fall in play or to blast it out.Hitters trained can be zero in motivation at plate from count but ordered by codes club is motivated ahead of hitter and hitter does instructions.A great hitter follows instructions like a card game.But some can innovate like a soldiers ranks.Give code to bat and in a ball park and visiting many ways to relay codeds to players legally.Testing out relaying codes in ballpark.Hitters at the plate after slug lose momentum if they are not following any instructions or codes.Prey to pitcher and IF,catcher's system.Club's perception from going over scouting to perdict nose to nose vs other teams.Give batters codes where in batters box as this changes offense from club's records.Doubles hitter,contact,balanced and power,clutch hitter and reposition them in practice to see what you get when they swing from pitching machine with nozzle to make him swing in various areas and speed up pitches.Pitching machine can throw movement and slower speeds.Devices ball passes by better than fingers.Do count and code to go to various parts batters box to hitters to see what happens.Back in box and position upfront and change middle,inside and outside.Club knows in practice what they get from each type of hitter and types of pitches and their positioning.Count batter looks fro the club in pitch selection.Have some batters that can see the pitches and know identify each pitch and what he sees at the plate relays info in code.Game uses noises and signs,calls in crowd but workers.Organized plan in where each hits for success in game of X's and O's and cards,checkers.Success from practice to game,planand plan is changed in codes by coaches.Game of re-adapting.Changing plan and shifting around.Some overall game plan by manager from all coaches during practice and scouting. Pitchers can go around outside strikes our directly in strike zone as modes for team.Toronto can mix this up match for 3rd to use in playoffs.Manager with guile.Code hit in center batting or irradical hitting.Farm and training.Code and response from players.Play games with the opposition pitcher to be selective and choosey by fouling a perfect hittable high outside pitch and only wanting low inside movement pitch and being way back in batters box with a defensive swing power.Many players upon efficiency can be talented upon pitch selection and pitchers upon what pitches in arsenal they want to throw and where.Some are effective irradical and all over.Coaching learned he is effective like this.Cut out pitches worthless and get his effectiveness does not matter where he threw it it was effective.Batting order is meant longevity of the season and vs the leagues.They change it a bit vs interleague play and vs some teams.You do change batting order.Otherwise batting order should be the same against entire league and season.Its based on signals to each batter.Signals during his at bat being whistles or loud noises from crowd.He has things memorized.What they want is clutch hitting induced in batting which is Manager's scoring.They with coaches get involved in batting strategy.They play games with each pitch given to them.Batting order proven in season to be sucessful in delivering power but to score runs and to do a play,direction of hit in power and having runners on.Jays have to be great at a type of play.Checkers runners on base and hitter at bat.He is doing what the club raised him in farm club to get all signals right and codes and practiced his power in clutch and what direction he's hitting.Effective play.Base running is in the lines of base stealing and is done by base coach.He trains them what running patters in degrees from the base or to run right into base.Types of slides.Base runners watch hit but run,need signals as they can't stare at the hit.Efficient base running is a play.They can even run wide with a large arc or short arc.Depends on type of hitting large arc and ball is popped out in outfield and is going to miss being caught and is a double,large arc runner to watch in timed duration.To make a runner alive and safe is the batter.What type of batter.Contact hitter puts things in play and also high batting average and on base percentage with measuring his speed.As checkers bases and moving runner to spaces.You make moves.Trying to get runner close to home.Batter is a way of advancing runner with factors from runner.Scouting reports for how far lead-off you can take per base for every opposing team.Distance and training runner to get back to base from the pick-off and snap throw.Computer simulator with bases and pitcher throwing to each base or snap throw from catcher.Sensor vest.See on screen runner moving.Runner watches and takes lead off.Inching.Coaches advice through this.Distance runner makes is from the work done at batters box.Batter judges the runners and what move or base they are on,space.Part of game plan.Training.Train runners in watching short time in doubles up high or miss being caught.Manager.Manager is the Sherrif and Supervisor.He gives instructions and has signals all catered to him as he learns club's signals system.He has responsibilities in scoring.Batting lineup down order I put power batting 5th.Down the order power hitting 7th.Hard contact hitter which turns into a power hitter.Hitting last is someone confident.You want efficient bats down order with no weaknesses or they will hurt you.9th good batting average and to get on base some speed.For number 1 in cycle of scoring to have some contact power.Keep the inning going for scoring.4th is cleanup and is not a power hitter but a hitter hard contact that delivers ball in power allies.He is a scorer.He gets 2nd and 3rd who are on baseman to score them.He is much like Molitor.And to re-do the World Series and all Jays teams past lineup by new manager and staff.They are hitting power zones and batting zones in batting lineup.The batters go off vs league play.Setup to get on base and get scored by hard contact hitter.You don't want fly ball hitters starting lineup.And even down order in 6th and 8th you want someone that has some power in 20's homeruns and hits doubles and is first base hit.Batting practice with hearing devices in helmets just for practice.Then coach orders batter in computer simulation batting and during practice in dome.Gives him instructions so the batters can memorize and have the orders to score runs.Practice and results in computer simulation batting practice to see from coaching and scouting what the hitters hit like at what levels,contact,balanced,power,defensive batting.And where in the batters box to reposition for type of hit play.Then for power in left corner shift in batters box for offense.Timing.Wait in seconds as a count.Batter to count in seconds for each pitch.Coaches are on to this as code for offense.Hot zones but the club's own hot and cold zones scouting for their own batting.League has average area of hot and cold.Toronto to have specifics and every decade and year of each batters hot and cold zones.Coach gives orders in batting practice to see their codes to do shift in batters box or go middle or to front batters box and stay inside or outside.This is for batter to hit inside pitches like fastball and offspeed pitches thrown in on knuckles.Have batters than can use forearm and short compact swing to hit closer to plate so they can hit inside pitches.Many types of batting swings to get offense.Extension to reach for ball outside and extension as compact swing in middle plate as proper swing.Arms in a swing can swing inside close and go farther out in inches.Extension arms are extended out swing for outside pitches or to hit type of pitch and contact with the ball in areas before plate.Many batters are different types of batters with their builds.Batting adjusted back beginnings of baseball.Some players with builds used to stay inside and pitchers would throw high velocity inside on them but technique for batter to swing on those for power and offense.Toronto gets no offense because they don't have each type of batter and batters that can hit everywhere in batters box.They don't have batters that can hit inside pitches close to the plate.They are just in the middle of batters box for offense and pitchers have so many more areas of strikezone and outside.You need to swing for pitch get offense or you get walk.Need hitters that can utilize and positioned in every parts batters box in lineup.Back at the batters box for types of hitters that are back in batters box to wait on pitches and swing early contact,power.And extension swing or compact swing tuck your shoulders so swing is inside.Going inside batters box is protecting plate.Closer to homeplate in batters box.If you don't have distribution for each pitch like curve and slider all break at different distances to plate and batter needs break to catch pitch as fat one for hitting.Inside batters box hitting for curve and fastball.You can't hit a pitch as it breaks or snaps because you won't get much of the bat on the ball,foul off most.Pitches all break at different distance to homeplate.Catcher watches breaks.Middle of batters box and you will never be able to hit a type of pitch.Middle batters box and soley offense for fastball and reach for slider that hangs.Extension for power in Toronto history because of type of hitters they had and they were ineffective to many clubs they faced.Camped down like structure middle of batters box for all offense.Trade brought different batting characteristics.Got lucky with Alomar who would protect the plate and hit power inside pitches.Batter camps out closer to pitches and braves each pitch to go by him to get right pitch and to use his training in batting,his swing and stance.Need lineup in all parts of batters box but proper offense.You can't just put people here and there.Need to have a Toronto batting code for batters that hit in batters box.Go up close to front of box they are not waiting on pitches.Swing faster and can slice many.Coaching staff's plan on oppositions starters and pitchers.Guessing game because baseball is a fast game.Need code to play.Whip pitches by hitters.Coaches say "slow down things" meaning replay slow down pitches and start watching the pitcher and catcher slowly.Many batters timing is different.They are used to hitting a type of pitch and their percentages in what pitches they hit for offense and location.Hot and cold zones.Timing is many hitters have a radius of swing in contact area.Many can hit bathead out in front meaning he swung early so ball contact and hit with power.Many delayed swing but wait for pitch to be at their chest and swing fast to production.Its in many feet of the bat to homeplate 90 degree angle bat and homeplate.Swing from 90degrees and more but at 180degrees pointing at pitchers mound.This is to hit types of pitches because of movement.But hitters have hit a straight fastball with this.Used to hitting inside batters box with compact inside swing that they hit straight fastball and changeup with this to launch it out of the park or with power.Bending your arms inside more and more with swing and place in batters box.Types of hitters.Many front batters box are swinging split seconds and have fast reflexes.Jump on pitches and wait others for balls.Radar gun helps batters as info,Pitch selection.Spray chart report and you match different types of batting styles per opposition pitching spray chart.Match the colors of squares pitches are in strikezone with a hitter with a type of hitting style.Inside pitch hitter matched to opposition pitcher spray chart on record that was produced by Toront by coaching.Practice to go computer simulation for batting practice and have helmet with talking and listening devices in them to receive instructions to train to memorize for game because you can't ask at bat when in a live game.Spray chart pattern and then bring in matching hitter to counter that from colored squares and drawn pitch arcing graphics lines by coaching bring in right hitter that hits percentage part of strike zone,inside hitter that swings high hot and cold zones,outside extension hot and cold and drop the bathead.Pattern of inside,outside,high and low and opposition pitching diet.Innings are measurement of time for baseball and they the opposition have a plan labeled out for Toronto's lineup and did scouting and practice in each area.Production.Production is setup by farm clubs.Binoculars.Legal in the stands watching for signs and making network to Manager on cellular.Members watching other teams signs reporting changing codes to batter.Shift because its coming and this is very old.Must steal signs and have a break out year with a great Blue Jays manager for World Series.All of this mastered.Blue Jays in the stands.Players responding codes.Codes because anyone can whistle to immitate.Language its hard to do.Signals.Binoculars because of the staff and some parks loyalties you'll see where park allows you.Binoculars to the bat.Game of checkers.And to the mound.To the catcher.Defensive as catcher can send out signals on the batter.He knows how batter is postioned for what.Catcher relays on the batters and is really to stop other team from scoring.He can tell what the batter is going to do.Power or contact he studies and has the mit in his hands,manager and coaches.Catcher to IF.OF.Keeping the ball alive as a play,plays.A team must train to extend inning for scoring having all of the codes and signals to batting and players.They have it going and are making completions.You can score quick or extended.Quick homerun.But if you don't have runners on base for homeruns to be more effective.Homeruns are hard type of play stealing signs by your club and following orders where and how to be shifted in batters box.Extending inning plays in in pitching.Quick fly outs contact or long outs with baserunners.Getting the outs.Blue Jays get hurt by doubles.Man is on 2nd and they get him out at 3rd.They have clubs contact them with power.Triple.Jays should be a strikeout club and should not abandon fly outs.How long they want the innings as long they have mastered playing the other club for instant out.They have them in chess positionally.They got them.Their pitcher is going to throw hard but low for ground ball.Going to jam them.Judgement is length of the innings.Clubs efficient system.Pitch location chart and showing pitcher's aim.Perspective control of mound.Behind home plate or from the mound call for each pitch.Just from mound and IF.Different calls as catcher will call for different pitches from his view and perspective.IF have view and perspective call different pitches as the pitcher on the mound have types of pitches he could batters weakness.Spray chart on pitchers pitches and have coach specializes with freeze play and draw pitches spray chart from mound with the action the ball does.Use a PC pen to draw on the screen,sensor.See per batter each pitchers spray chart.Its in the opposition club's codes.Mix up breaking and offspeed with fastball in an order as spray chart for pitcher would show.When they face another club they change the diet and order.You have many more pitches from the bullpen.Change arsenal of pitches.Toronto should use the double play and to avoid clutch situations.They should lower being aggresive to clutch hitters.Aggressive tactics to go into strikezone is a danger in baseball.Club makes it a habit.Teams later on in the year will know Jays pitch aggressive in strikezone.Clutch they will cash in runs with damaging hit with power as double.Problems with Toronto to keep ball in balls zone to a clutch hitter and walk them to get double play.To have contact but in IF as playoffs show they can do to hot dangerous hitters.Shows they can be controlled to IF.Toronto knows like from Mike Flanagan how to get the ball down for a double play.Not to go for strikeout which is aggressive pitching.A staff has many workhorses and worhorses in bullpen that are aggressive.Lower aggressive pitcher to contact outs pitchers.Keep ball high velocity but ball on clutch hitter.Clutch hitter can damage with the bat and walk him but with tactics with empty bases.Prey on a hitter to hit into double play. Many power hitters can't hit fastballs over the plate in certain locations its unhittable for them as a ground out or pop out.They search for what's in their power zone mistake pitch.Pitching is to keep the hitter jammed and to have OF IF  play him.You won't give him anything else from the plan.Pitcher has the catcher make the pitcher stay to the plan.Use pitching location chart where the pitches are in strikezone and outside.Pitchers train to that using catcher to watch over pitcher and keep him in line.Timing also part of the game and the catcher OF IF timing and hitters,base runner timing and rhythm.Pitchers timing in how long he is on mound in time.Pitches.Off-set oppositions timing in rhythm offense.Offensive rhythm.Got runners on base and hitting timing.OF timing jump on ball and timing in cards.Timing as each player is card.Each player is checker in offense and defense.Off-set the timing you'll win as timing is essential for their training.Break it up.You can throw pitches that can off set timing,send fast ball with breaking.Base runners kept on base by throw.OF and IF play shift on hitters they have a predicted jump.Prediction in defense.Training and reports go over chart and video use computer to draw on video screen.Prediction is essential in baseball.Predict plays and predict for offense.Predict in pitching from reports.Pitching you know each batter and diet,reminder from catcher.Predict what moves your going to make to throw next pitches where?The club plan for pitching rhythm and plan for each hitter.Practice locations.Warmups.Predict what each mistake pitch can do for each hitter.Predict a swing from power zones,which is strike.Gets pitcher to pitch ahead and down hitters throat.Reports in batting practice training.You want hitter that trained to hit the way you need them vs certain teams.Zones.Or ones that can change hitting adjust to season and reports fact from games played.From using reconnaisance and cameras,replays on tv and webcams,video monitors and coaches and their scouts reports from stands.They have cameras to watch the plate.They have equipment carried on them for the area sit up in stands in bleachers up high rises.Watching the plate scouting and scouting their own team to interpret into their club.Talk club's language.Language has to be established by a club and players in codes they talk.That is how they talk and in game codes.Signals go with codes.Computer graphics with live recorded video where you can draw on screen to show plays.Go over video of each aspect of the game like offense and defense and pitching.Draw lines and instructions for each frame.Batting you want him there and there in drawing codes.Drawing are codes players understand to say alot at once.For defense run fast and play in perimeter,jump to direction.How they all work as a unit.Each player completions using techniques.This forms a play.To do all sorts of plays in offense and defense and in pitching.Baserunners run and use techniques to stay safe part of that play is for the hitter to hit one but a chosen type of hit in practice like a  fly ball single for the runners timing.Hitting and runners timing.Types of hits not just move runners in checkers but to score with a King.Checkers your completioning each one after the other like baseball.Plays in OF and IF setup.Consecutive plays using team work and completions in techniques.Pitching in on strike zone and using catcher.Consecutive pitching plays.To using players in numbered order.From pitcher to IF or OF.OF has cameras in stands watching catcher.You can't see catcher from behind home plate.Up in stands and use of video equipment to the home dugout.That is how they can steal signs and send out calls to OF to dialogue codes from stands to OF from video equipment guy.Workers dialogue signals codes to OF and by cellular to dugout to coaches.Manager supervisor on this system.Video equipment is eyes for OF.Better vision for OF.Part codes.Workers are in stands and make whistle and noises to the OF in codes and he looks back to stands for color codes,signs.Banners and posters are part codes to OF.See colors and know what video and workers are saying from link dugout.Workers in stands that reposition OF from cellular contact with dugout.Orders from coaches.Any change in plans to Manager.Plays and codes call.Techniques is a code in drawing.Batting theory meaning levels in power in batting in the batting lineup.Distribution of power levels in lineup.You don't need all out power but to study who hits doubles and what parts of OF.Double scores in runs and puts runner in scoring position.Batting is to have codes for each batter on signal and practiced or rehearsal of game.Batter knows from batting practice to swing in zones high or low and outside or inside and shift the back to and position of toe of shoes to where your hitting for power.Code to point toe to part of OF.Position in batters box changes from predicting opposition and stealing signs.Go over past meetings with the team and what they do.Go over percentages and percentage graphs of field areas,IF and OF.Percentages help in decisions,True facts.Records.You don't need greatest batter but an efficient system guided by principle the manager.The head supervisor.And a catcher.Catcher is a dish receives signals and change of plan to pitcher.He tries to get batters out.He supervises IF and pitcher.You have all of your IF watch the batter from 3rd to 1st base.They all are in on signals with the catcher.Catcher relays signals and talks to IF and then to pitcher.They all are in on examining the batter and going to dugout to write reports and talk to coaches.They all have watch catcher as he is like a sign and can send signals or codes.Catcher changes position from IF signals and they dialogue in code.He is not all the coaching chores.Play a game of tic tac toe and squares.In strike zone game of squares or tic tac toe where is pitches going to thrown,tell batter with signals.Batter looks to dugout and his base coaches,catcher.Base coach is in touch dugout.Sit back in batters box and toe pointed to center field and swing at low outside pitch to pull it with power in OF.Pitching is tic tac toe and squares.Got to be great at this and to predict.Many ways the club can predict and load it all in practice.Talk codes to players so they can't turn into free agent and tell other teams.Talked to in codes.Signs.Each club has their own baseball language.And this language is in entire stadium and workers in stands.Tic tac toe to checkers for fielders positions and runners.Pitching to fielders and baserunners.In practice they test this out see if it works short game and in minor leagues farm clubs.Test out a system.Players know codes and language.They have rehearsed the codes for the game.Change of plan in game from signals from dugout and base coaches,catcher.Combiner many coaches and coaching.They have overall strategy.They hit aspects like pitching in detail and batting,fielding.They don't mix up the plans.Blend them in so they have overall coaching under manager.Same catcher.They have many managers but as coaching.Then in game play key is to change the play and not have them crash into rocks.Change in overall strategy structure.Changes due to unpredictable events in changing game of baseball.They have it all marionetted like puppets on strings and each coach pulls and has them do training pattern they memorized.Upon code the change.Not basic format and alignments.Just basics and they get more complicated and summon to do actions and skills.Play has action and skill in drawing.Players attributes like football.Football plays   To do a hop skip and a jump by drawing code.For offense base coaches observe strike zone in guessing tic tac toe and squares,x's and o's.They take record and try to guess the pitching and converse in practice about what they studied.Modern day we have telecast of ball game and watch strike zone and try to get the batting to cater to opposition teams pitches or X's and O's game.Batting then adjusts to what the coaching who go over replays and telecasted games.They then get their batting order to swing for every team in Majors,adjusting.Practice they use pitching machine and coach change position play around with pitching machine to change direction of pitches,needs to have wheels to move on mound.Move it around to get batting to swing "practice" for game vs team.Swinging practice.Manager is just one of coaches.He is supervisor overall coaching in many categories.Swinging plays game of X's and O's.And when they get it right,success.Manager or coaches control the green light or power level of hitting,adjusting.And per player not just tell entire team green light.Batting order because opposition is guessing what type of hitting each batter is doing or opposition catcher and base coaches are always watching.Minor leagues and farm system to get them the codes and play books and then they have to sort out each opposition team they faced to see what matches with what.From batting and pitching you can find out what team in farm club system each team is in Majors.This has to be done to crack this code.Use your farm club to comparison and support from Majors in going over telecasts for farm league games.While training your farm club system players to this format to get them ready for Blue Jays.Trade players are taught things but not as much as in Jays farm system.To match what each Major league team is in minors from pitching and batting patterns and managing.The team logo will not tell you and farm league needs to do this research to get it done.So they take training patterns from Blue Jays to minors to sort through and find out who each is matching.Coaches.Staff.Staying up past midnight going over replays and monitor,PC.Coaching to each Major league team. Batters in batting practice don't train for hitting homeruns.Not batting practice.Practice what hitting level they are on.And practice hitting doubles.And practice hitting given plan and signals by coaches.They practice to where they are hitting.Practice controlling their hitting as batters know how much power they need for double or any other type of hit.Practice to spray hitting to coaching plan.Many doubles in ally ways and over fielders head and off the wall.They can use doubles hitting for power in stands.A doubles hit can leave park in the upper levels in stands.Defensive hitting fouling off pitches and half a swing can deliver power.The pitcher is not aware of hitter makes contact at a point and sends ball out with a slower swing but speeds up the defensive swing.Being where in the batters box for the shift in controlling hitting.Being upfront batters and away or close.Gives you hits the team can order up.Batting practice.Power from where in batters box hitter is.Waiting on pitches.Position of hitter batting box is hitting level and can be green light.And from pitching scouting with coaches and X's and O's of oppositon pitching.Distribution in offense.To have players that hit to all parts OF.Or to have a lineup with players each has direction they have main part they hit to and secondary areas they hit to.In the lineup to increase your scoring you have lineup that completes hitting to right,center and left.Then players that hit to right then to center.Left to Center.And just up center and to right.In hitting not just power.Every player does not just hit to one part OF but they have a main area they hit.And spray chart in hitting doubles,base hits,triples.Get the offense as pitcher and catcher opposition will pitch to shut down parts in field being right,center and left.No offense and popped up as out and to strike out.Distribution.And we get to power and you need at least 3 power hitters.Go with a hitter that hits doubles.Percentages to each part field and OF.Computer simulation key to get the teams game plan without using any players tire them out.Batting and pitching and even OF.Spies and scouts adding reports to game plan.Statician at work with programming the opposition.How to use each and every code in stats into program.Batting lineup plan with x's and o's in pitching on strikezone.Program and use batting simulation accessories.Programmed to Major league level and to buy this for farm club.Program managing and this is where you talk to the batter and have pitches from every team in Majors throw to him.Complete the game plan monitoring and talking to the batters,pitchers and catchers,players.They mark on chart completions on list to give to manager.Batting coach and base coaches from what they have seen in game talk to the batters in getting a plan and many coaches go to the farm club to raise players.They have advise when an opponent pitcher in simulation.What do they hit.And pitching practice with a ball that is a computer accessory.Its not a real ball and off the mound they practice throwing and computer graphics trajectory of ball.And condition players for computer simulation practice.Ball is represented on screen then launches for pitchers control and plan.Hand speed and arm speed can do each type of pitch.Records command from selection menu like game but for real MLB training.You need to pick out the pitch to catcher and throw and speeds.Pitching coaches advise to the pitcher and from catcher.Computer catcher training simulation with codes and snap throws.Sharpen up catcher's skills.Call pitches and talking to IF.Get message from OF by signal and code,noise.In the stands each pair or small group of workers communicate to each other by cellular.Then they send signals to all parts of stadium.Behind homeplate,to OF seats.They transmit signals and signs with color.Use binoculars to look at signs.And the dugout linked up to stands in communication and orders.Eyes for the dugout and transmit signals to players in all parts field.Spies and scouts part of game plan and gathering a game plan.Coke machine with special formula coke that has caffeine in it and the clubs use of legal drugs like caffeine.Right use of this can make club nocturnal and give them sleeping hours.Play around with having a coke.Use of coffee and coke.And the club's medical staff helping out so they can do the training like computer simulation for batting and pitching.Managers play a game of decisions to train their decisions and getting strategies from coaches.The players then get extra hours on simulation practice without doing anything physical and tiring.Sharpen up the team to plan.Farm clubs.Nap during off hours.Getting proper rest and computer simulation gets them lightning sharp to game plan.Fatigue level and going into practice.Losing happens from fatigue.Medical staff.Counter fatigue with coffee and coke right amounts per player give them nocturnal and during the day lose fatigue.Spreading out hours to rest and nap supply portable bed to lie on to gain energy.Study of sports and its hours on players like jobs.Jobs they keep sleeping and in sports retire early.Program with proteins and shakes,veges.Then dome field.Simulation training on road means portable foldup equipment and screen and ship it along with the club for road.In every ML city to arrange a room to have a team take out the monitors and set everything up for training on road,practice on computer simulation.Salaries and free agents and cheaper homegrown players to pay for renting the rooms for computer simulation practice.And to have experts to workers to check for listening bugs in room that is rented.And to make a contract yearly to rent the empty rooms.Then they go to park and stay on their dugout side.That is their land on the road.Bring the cans of coke.Then to have coaches during computer simulation practice to imput the game plan.Then they all check in on their notes to the manager all done and check.Complete.The shift has to be implanted and effective for Toronto.You need a hurler that throws diet of pitches that are pulled or hit to 2nd baseman playing for double play.Either hit to short or 2nd baseman with either shift to left 3rd base or right to 1st base.They can't be irradical.Need consistancy from pitcher to get ground ball to IF for either double play.Pitch outside.Not aggresive inside.Jam the hitter inside but out of strikezone.Toronto has to review double plays from back in 80's and 90's on teams they face to see pitches and how to get double play on other teams.Shift is also in OF.It works in IF but training can be effective to outfield with right pitcher fly ball pitcher with diet that hitters jump on pitch that lines out and dies.Stays within park dimensions.Playing the shift Toronto starter's diet of pitches to line out and fly out to the shift in OF going towards RF and towards LF and playing shallow.Master this playing shift shallow and medium depth.Get the pitchers and club to stop the ball from being hit by clutch hitters with power.Reduce the power done on Toronto pitchers and stay away from being aggressive pitchers.Workhorses that fail create opposition to have power.Toronto must reduce their mistakes.Watch what pitches clutch hitters hit doubles and homeruns.Any pitch sent to OF making the OF run to the track is red alert and is "Not Good".Parts of OF are alerts.Warning track is red alert and in stands is past red alert.Percentage.Starters for Toronto create red alerts and team,catcher.Not using IF to be part team and breakdown to opposition figuring out things and going plan to make hitters have green light.Batters can swing at normal level,contact,power.Orders from coaching as their game plan.Types of pitches Toronto must throw with percentages of how in Toronto's history its been hit in distance to stands.Hits.Doubles,Homeruns.Hitters and Toronto starter spray charts in past games.Toronto's code of pitches vs every team.Percentages.Toronto knows how to play X's and 0's use the IF to help in on X's and 0's to win.Team effort in X's and 0's vs hitters.Use code language.Then get codes stands from manager and coaches.Players helping on X's and 0's strike zone but coaches.Percentages and graphs for IF and OF true facts to help judgement.Percentages on Toronto starters diets and bullpen.Control location and pick a direction to get the hitters to hit to play into Toronto's game for consitancy.Consistant diet of pitches location when hit by each team.Form a code of starters that throw in code helped by IF and catchers.Control direction the hitters go to.Change directions and change alignments like shifts in IF and OF.Can't be irradical and spray in all direction of IF and OF our it will go out in stands unstable and IF and OF will be running after power hit balls.Catcher and IF to help out OF in playing X's and 0's at the strike zone.Control of pitches hit and club getting control and not having opposition control directions of ball,distances.Toronto pitchers must throw specific pitches from coaches info.Coaches go over right pitches per team Toronto faces.Pitches must be in a location for the shift to work.This is what combo of pitches is for the shift for ground ball or flyout to shift OF.Go over pitches from viewing over decades and drawing computer PC pen graphics drawings on frozen screen of mound to homeplate.Draw each pitch and label,different colors so rest players know in codes.Radar gun pitches.Pitchers limit their pitches to just 3 specific pitches that get types of outs play shift or guard the lines.Toronto has to research to what pitches in percentages are their worst and most destructive pitches to throw with HR as list and RBI and batted.These pitches Blue Jay pitcher raised not to throw and cutout of their arsenal.Go with each type of pitch that has success in Blue Jays organization and raise them to throw just these pitches.And their effectiveness of pitches is locations.Pitch is useless when out of location.Luck for out.Club can't run on luck.Become spoilers.Limiting arsenal to just 3 pitches is part of codes and X's and 0's strikezone.Location.Hot and cold zones of opposition batters and Blue Jays archives spray chart to hot and cold zones.Yearly and per decade.Monthly.See who is hot and judgement added to pitching staff where not to throw the ball for that month and from last year.And rounded off per decades in past.Median where to throw the 3 pitches that effective.And using radar gun and recording opposition and your own pitching.Timing in seconds chant which is code.Radar gun the spray chart.Batting box and batting order are all built up with batting codes.Each in batting order is arrangement of codes batter does from team's history.Lead-off is positioned in place in batters box.Many upfront and close plate.Then in order changes and types of hitters in each part batting order.You need to have a club median built into batting order where cleanup is a type of hitter and placed positioned in batters box.Then this is for batter's X's and O's game.They have codes the batters obey in each part of order.They ignore type of pitch that is trained in them and go for pitch.Then batters alert from green to yellow or swing defensive.Swing balanced,contact and power.Hit double.Each individual parts batting order have attributes and ratings already for batter to fit into lineup.They also have the directions the hitters hit in order.Each hitter from the club's batting order must hit to what the club in past's plan for each.Batting 2nd hits in direction in Blue Jays history,contact and ignores types of pitches.Goes for pitches and placed in middle plate close to plate.And they in practice train to what the batting order demands them like a plan.Expectations and batting order.Batting changing position at the plate and plays.He has his weight distribution at the back of the plate on his back leg.When they shift the power in a play or command play that he is fulfilling sending weight forward on front foot and pivot in angle to send the ball with swinging high,inside or drop the bathead can be done high bathead on the ball.Play.Play to get the player to practice and do ones for each hitter in lineup.Get them to pivot in direction in scouting.Uses NL and in AL players in lineup can do batting simulation for the footing.Go back in batters box to wait on pitch and drive the ball from watching it,change the weight and power from back leg to front as play and pivoting change direction of the hit.Practice to the shift.Change the pivoting and pivoting back leg like stiff body in AL sluggers.Small stride.Go through the lineup what diet of pitches they are going to get and how they want the offense to position in batters box and pivoting in angle.Control their hitting as practice.OF and IF will change to batter to get the batter out.Pitcher wants contact for out.Hitter can do play in batters box and results from driving the ball as hitting coaches to predict and draw lines of arc and power in hits to drive in predicted Blue Jay runs from what diet and location from scouting and reports,last year and rescent series.Fit in the batter to what is real in batting simulation.Fit in box and where they want to get the offense,start to plan arch of the ball from outside breaking pitch and pitches to lay off from.Outs pitches,see how OF and IF playing the batter.Hot and cold zones per player.Inside hitter to extension to get on pitch.You get batters pattern lineup hit to right field power to get on double.Base hit pivot 90degrees up the middle.Then to pivot 130degrees to help swing with green light off the wall or in stands.Pulled the ball.Pull and control hitting,hit up the middle.Where the OF are hinting empty and not much work.Look lazy.That is where the offense and mistake pitch to take you up the middle.Draw angles and lines at the foot of the batter and draw lines to trajectory of hitting. Plan in club's history.Pitcher and catcher are also like this with attributes and ratings pitcher and catcher fit into.Types of pitches and location,diet.Speeds.Types of starters.Hard thrower,workhorse,offspeed.X's and O's at home plate with catcher and IF.Trade they adapt them into team and order.Adapt them to position with a plan already done.Expectations for pitching/catcher IF.Qualify for demands of each position .And they practice to this plan.Players have originality like a leader or baseball ranks.Levels go up.Manager and coaches.Coach and manager have inherited batting order and pitching mound,catcher,IF.Already prepared and went through decades.Then the club's rhythm and system.Parts of baseball club's system.Solid position players.Not consistant.Toronto over-uses utility players and when you have a utility player play many positions they hit average and are out victims.You need for a format system to work sturdy 1 position player.Not 2 position player even that is why you have bench and pinch hitter.You need a right fielder power that was trained to hit against AL and play interleague in changing hitting.Not a player that plays 4 positions and is in infield or your system breaksdown and Yankees and top teams and bottom spoilers start defeating you all sorts of ways.System is sturdy when you have sturdy players for each position out there sturdily trained against East and West lineups and OF vs AL.Sturdy system.Utility means flexibility.Not the way to win with system with flexibility.Its good in playoffs to comeback from behind but not the way Toronto uses it and found out how flexibility makes them have losing seasons.Same sturdy starter.Sturdy plan for starter as minors planned into him so he catches on to the Toronto starting pitching game plan.Way you don't have to explain things nothing complicated,complications.Taught the language and to face AL East,West and interleague play.Hitout and low scoring.You need each position played sturdily supporting the plan from the club.Manager manages the plan and most of the coaching is done by the coaches and they configurate.Not the same coach every night or against certain teams.Pitching coach vs certain teams require low scoring.Batting coach for power with pitching coach 2nd.Priority of commands and who's plan it is using the club plans.Direction for that night.And consistantly.Against the league and using PC's,computers.Manager has a structure and picks them out and uses them like supervisor.And he overall manager has skills in pitching coaching,hitting and OF.He has everything but at average level because he can't be best in everything or he'll overload and club will lose.Pitching coach specializes in pitching.He is highest rating and attributes in pitching.He concerned about outs and contact.And the catcher.Toronto needs steady rhythm in their game play.It can be sorted out to have a structure instead of being irradical.Playing other teams in the league and adjusting to them can cause irradical pitching and game play by the players.Then you get free agents and from trade and they make it worse and Toronto is a spoiler.Need the coaches to train the players and in the farm system to get them to a steady type of offense.Learn from scouting where the power areas are on all teams they play.So you have parts of plate targeted.Just as in pitching you have power areas for pitchers then you go to bullpen relievers and closer.Its all different from types of pitchers.Having platoon utilty players makes irradical game play.You need a team to follow a steady plan.In fielding.Not to shift around all over the place as other team will start to control their hitting and figure out starter.Start their offense up.Consistant area of fielding to play each team.Just as catcher puts his glove and manager calls plays and checks over game plan.Get to their game play in a steady rhythm.Pitching to fielding and batting.Practice on area to get a consecutive swing.Consecutive play.Consecutive means they can predict the opposition and are consistant.Consistancy is steady game play.Consitancy on the mound and catcher.Fielders are consistant as offense.Need a structure a Blue Jay must play because teams change the way they face Toronto per club.They all have different types of complicated game play they use on Toronto.Game plan can't get irradical as it sets all of the fielders,pitchers,bullpen,closer,catcher,batters.Game plan that is consistant.All the pitchers in pitching get the location in proper area as median.Nothing opposition can do that ball is place that is ineffective against them and thrown in strikezone.Each club has irradical areas vs Toronto on strikezone where they have hot areas but specifically zones broken down to pitch and what type,location and speed.Hitting zone vs Jays.And vice versa as Toronto vs both leagues.Hot and cold but what pitch and location and speed then watch the pitch vs each hitter in whole majors.Pitchers must and cannot throw as Blue Jay.Blue Jays when in minors are using setup.Setup is not a platoon.Its when you have roster and each position you have reserve players that have different levels and ratio stats vs each division.And you take the teams in the league that are similiar and category them and even match interleague teams in these categories.Scouting you can say if the Yankees and Dodgers are similiar.Or Oakland and Tampa are similiar.Then you go to stats and you have a graph.You got to do graphs.Circle and bar graphs.You need mathematics in stats.Graphs are finished they can see the categories and each team.Setup players vs each category.These bullpen pitchers are higher rating vs each category mixed divisions.Ratings fluctuate.He is more effective-speed,accuracy,strikeouts,outs,groundballs,contact,types of pitches.Effective.Against Baltimore he is up to 90's in percents toward Orioles.Not every category.Ones Jays want.So every time you bring him in he is effective to Cardinals,Angels,Detroit,Atlanta.He is high 90.Other pitchers are lower than 90 percent.Batters opposing team are in 60percent outer plate to fastball,breaking,cutt fastball out guess them with starter that is 90percent outside of plate areas to get them out to scoreless.Sending batters hit high inside changeup at 60percent.Send in bullpen that is 90percent for high inside and other pitches than a changeup but are similiar.Never throw a fastball high inside replace changeup or he'll turn on it to score.Have pitchers strike zone hot and cold done for series and diet of pitches,location which is secret.And in batting.Batter has higher percentage vs group of teams.Pile up on a player he will start to be an out at the plate.Goes into slump.So you have reserve ready with right ratings to out do opposition.And in starting pitching and outfield.His ratings and you need speed on the group of teams and type of pitches.Diet.And you have a control area strikezone to show pitcher's accuracy in hot and cold on strikezone.Shows his control and how they draft and select pitchers.And bullpen.You have a pitcher setup with higher ratings.All-Star has ratings in most categories.Really you need certain categories and switch.Saves energy on the club and when you keep putting in fresh players they turn effective.For batting part zone that is what they are going to face in series.Batters all know diet pitches and zones hot and cold for pitching rotation they are facing.Reserve batters that can match the cold zones not cold.Only cold.Power and contact to load bases to scoring.Slip in batter with right ratings.Many ratings overall.Speed bat,timing,contact percentage,power,doubles,triples,singles,spray chart.Match cold zones of pitcher.Hitters see diet of pitches and with coaches and practice anticipate the pitches from rehearsed plan they know vs group of teams.Series they are ready and loaded.Higher in ratings.Rest of players are most 70 percent in overall categories.Get higher platoon send in hitter that is 90percent in contact,doubles,spray chart.He will hit the cold zones of pitchers.He is 90percent only in 3 ratings level categories.Higher than everyday 70percentage players.Put him in to face pitching.And you change hands batting left and right or hit both sides plate.Players that trained to face these groups of teams.Just keep beating opposition in planning.They are 60percent at the plate inside with fastball,other pitches send in 90percent hitter inside plate to blast hit off the wall scoring in runs.Club has to preparation to put in effective arms,hitters and fielders.Pitcher has a combination of pitches,curve,fastball,cut fastball and change.Combination of pitches and to go through every inning to mix and match pitches vs other teams in Majors.They practice their combination of pitches.And the club control the diet of pitches and where its located.Every pitcher gets combination of pitches ready and then trained to club.And the combination by the club gets complicated like a lock code or combination to a lock.Its made confusing what the batters see,curve,fastball all done like combination and get in strikes.Combination though gets fly outs.And stays out of their hot zones batters.Its kept in area to keep batters cold.The base coaches call pitches or receive messages and relay.Relay of messages from each view to players,dugout and in stands,or box seats.They have methods to relay when its farther away.Go with closer view to field.Construction in minors to combination of pitches established and mix and match them to strike zone and boxes divide strike zone like video games.They have them ready and tested out in farm system.They practiced to what Toronto plays against.The plans are done.Players are ready especially these effective players that are mixed into lineup.Because its hard to have a player or starting players that overall with all rating levels are high levels.They can breakdown and for a club to have a Hall of Famer is rare.Not many of them.Many of them have to be 80percent in every category and some 70 percent in all categories.This is how breakdown happens.Rest of 30percent in 10 to 15 categories accumulate 30 and 20 percent times 15 that is all opposing team uses on Toronto.Your going for hall of famer players this is result is all percentage against Toronto that even club can't get.Loading and figuring out lineup and to change it in seasons vs each series and many clubs have groups of teams and are good at it.They know what set of categories are effective and what they want,speed,power,accuracy,velocity.They have proven combo and percentages being 70percent,80percent and 90percent.Some get 100percent.In baseball 80percent is not the best vs many team groups.It could be even 60percent mixed with others.Other categories you want them over 50percent.Preform out basics.Just want them for a skill or few skills.Team work as checkers game goes,game plan.Fitting in say 70percent in strength,80percent in pitch diet,90 percent in speed.70percent accuracy.Bullpen 60percent break,90percent power,70percent velocity.Hitter 90 percent contact,70percent power,70percent Inside plate,spray chart.Hits power for doubles and could right sign put it out in stands to bring in runners.Arranging it in a game plan and training for this.High caliber players.High caliber players are used to being shifted around in season to re-configurate new defense and offense.Manager has the plans to change alignment vs league.Putting in players makes them adjusted to play every team in league.Change as all teams have their own system vs Toronto.Toronto has options of going secret plans of offense and defense re-configurated.The many plans from each area of coaching.Complicated,Toronto must but its easier on team to put in many more players on the roster.Each has a purpose vs each team Toronto plays.Vs Angels.Starters are burned out to 70percent and higher and its not that vs Angels or other teams.Bring in others with higher levels with a formula that is proven effective.Where starters were 60percent put in 90percent,rest few 70percent and then 50percent and higher or average.Endurance want them for whole game.Just to change them when they face different type of opposition.Categories have endurance,speed,fielding broken down to range,speed,timing,outs,IF flies,assists.So practicing and to get players that are high in 3 or 4 categories then use them part time in season.Platoon and utility men,pitchers.Even catchers.Catchers are defense.Arm,speed,throw accuracy and types of throws to 2nd and snap throw 1st and 3rd.Catcher does this to stop signs from being stolen.He throws to get runner out.Runner is picking off signs or catcher is finding out who or what because it ain't the runner watching.Club initiates throw pickoff by catcher.Catcher's spray chart in throws.A catcher must throw many types of throws like breaking,fastball and locations.Catcher that is trained can change his locations and work with 2nd baseman and short,3rd and 1st.Catcher trained minors to see where area of bases in radius snap throw and types of throws.Breaking throw,throw combined breaking with fastball.The tested in minors that short always gets it or 2nd basemen,never ends up in OF.Up to Toronto to know how to play their catcher,fielder alignment from doing daredevil.These are codes and plays from catcher.And the signal for pitch out.Fielders call pitch out as catcher relays.Fielders are concern with manager trained to breaks in play.Then they have quickest position to watch manager start and he relays messages to IF and then catcher.Many teams force other team into their plays.They don't wait for double play.Force runner on 1st base to setup the double play.When he grounds a ball to infield they drop it so he's on 1st.Then the pitcher configurates pitching to setup double play from contact.Infielders set up in double play from effectiveness of catcher and pitcher.And the calculated odds from dugout.What hand,his ratings and to each pitch.Ratings to each diet of pitches is done by Blue Jays organization part scouting.Ratings of opposing batters.You can have players from base hit get on 1st and then double play them but that is from batters side and opposing doing offense.Rhythm is and force in plays in rhythm.Follow play level in every category as rhythm of team.Tactics make teams forced into plays by force.Pitcher and catcher can have tactics as arsenal and diet they can go to.Catcher works in many systems.He is meant to work with the pitcher in remembering game plan.He also can work with the infielders to see what codes they got from stands,dugout or box seats.They from their view from 3rd base to 1st base,2nd and shortstop can have an opinion to go along with the pitcher.They as like a base coach for batters can act like one for fielding and pitching.1st base to 3rd base can come up with pitch as 2nd and short can come up with new codes to change the pitcher.Pitcher can't look at the infield but the catcher has great view to infield and them changing the pitches and diet to help the pitching combination to be difficult as sign or signs,signals to change the diet per inning or go with the game plan between catcher and pitcher.He can flick around to 1st and 3rd,short and 2nd base to throw more pitches and change plan in inning.Throw a upstairs curve on him instead low outside fastball.Catcher is relay man in signals.He is a signal relayer that picks up messages from infield and stands.He is listening like in radio.Throwing snap throw from catcher is tactic,succes is from pitcher lack of windup.Pitcher has to snap throw to catcher.Some catchers want the ball in location.Pitcher is best infielder with his arsenal to use curve on fast pitch in fractions of second so the catcher can setup to throw to location 2nd baseman and shortstop want the ball.Catcher practice his breaking on throw so ball is where short and 2nd baseman want it for the tag.Not a fast throw but how fast the catcher is setup to release the ball and snap he puts it on for accuracy,ball is right to glove of short block base and tag.Fielders are setup in tactics.Alignments and change formation tactics joined to pitching/catching.Catcher can give signals to outfield.Short or infielders relay dialogue to OF.Tactics.Important that the catcher with IF gets messages to his OF.Out fielders then talk back with signals to infielders to relay codes to catcher.Catcher talks for the pitcher.Catcher is a signal talker.Infield relay so the outfield can see the signals.Dugout coaches are in on doing their subtle signals,pacing.All of coaches are talking and hide things to not make it obvious to opposition.Opposition teams are staring at Toronto and manager.Staring at the catcher.Subtle.Stands the workers for Toronto make noises to OF.Outfielders can listen to stands because coaches are on cellular.And the president gets his smarts involved from his view.He is in on the coaching.He has tablets and screens and it chatting away involved.Has in stands relayed by phone the game on screen.President is the one that wants to cheat legally.He is part of the tactics system.He is eager.Smarts and wise.He made the trades.He is participating.Talks from what he sees.He is part of the signals.And in stands he summons workers to make noise.So in organization the OF is listening to President.Not paying attention to fans.Workers have priority in dome and on road.President makes a call to cellular of coaches.He is involved and can coach games vs teams.He watches every game about Toronto and from past.He hits the archives and watches the scouting and inspects practicing on simulator for pitching,catching,batting.President gets the stadium going in favour of Toronto.Everything in skydome is bias to Toronto in Major League Rules.He reads about old rules in Majors to modern day,but favours a decade.He designs his teams within limits of rules of Majors.Tactics.Methods with instructions how to do it,in practice they train.Different perspectives approach vs opposition team.President is sitted out up in the stadium.He deals with using the stands and noises as and webcams and interacts to send messages to dugout.Coaches have a more direct approach and perspective vs opposition.Using president and they have camera's for him to watch the codes from opposition.He can take command of coaching and to the strategies and alignments,call the pitches.Works with team work with the coaches.Gets it going.He is up in stadium using electronics and video to be involved.That is President's perspective to coach against teams and strategies.Base coaches deal teaching the base runners a game plan.President can order around each system or area,pitching and catching,infield,batting,outfield and coaches.He refines things in working rhythm and system.President gets his hands into the game.And he reads the rule books and reads to use it against teams.He can legally furthest use tactics.And he watches games.Going to coaches is closest approach vs opposing teams.They are in dugout and in bullpen on field.Closer and from their view point of coaching from dugout.They make calls watching and conducting attack on other team.Signs and signals with use of some dugout electronics that not as heavy as President and him being up in boxes.Get a different attack.Closests means a faster attack to counter other team.Immediate..Different plays and their speed or effectiveness from distance.The Blue Jay dugout has set of plays that work from dugout to all positions,pitcher/catcher,infield and outfield.Dugout is far away from OF.President up in suites or boxes views the game and he has plays that work for each,offense,defense that respond from his distance.Effectiveness to combine all parts of the field.Each part of the field has plays.OF or outfield responds from signals from stands because the stands are closest to OF.Then the 1st and 3rd base coaches closer to OF.Have plays and coaches have plays for the gameplan.Runned from President and from dugout.Toronto was just going with dugout and knows the effectiveness from just dugout.Distance and perspective of sending out coaching.Players after inning over go into dugout for reminder in gameplan.President can call a coach in dugout by cellular.Cellular must stay off playing field as a rule.Need a phone that goes straight to President and view screen.PC's in dugout as station for coaches to stroll over to or manager.They have network.President has workers in stands.Leave to go to laptop and are on cellular.They will tryout plays to see what offense plays and defense they can use from President's view.Catcher obey President.Starter.Relievers.President can have drawing tool for PC to draw and show coaches plays or codes.Draw diamond and make dash at the 2nd base and dot line from 1st.President to draw plays and plan.Use codes in drawing to get players response.Coach knows the baseball codes in drawing.Summon the batter to lay back on batters box to drive ball with power as double off the wall scoring in runners,runners pattern and angle,timing.The arc you want the runners vs teams in Majors.Practice listening to President and dugout,stands in practice.Green light is power but what angle you want the batter and to drop the bathead.Instructions you get the batter to do.Swing inside.Wait on the ball drive it with power meaning doubles.Doubles can land in stands.Re-positioning of the batters and practice when batters are given code effectiveness of obeying the code,change in angle and postion.Control their batting.Ignore and foul off pitches they don't want to get the slider for power hitter and breaking for clutch hitter.Tells them to extend or pull,tuck in arms to use elbows,wrists and forearm.Drop the bathead is the biceps and triceps,wrists.Extending out like a creature.Reach to make offense out of pitches out far from strike zone that are balls.Balls for offense.President can be immediated but is far away from dugout and goes with how he gets his hands into the game.Angles of coaching and distances.From afar that they get direct commands and contact from dugout 1st baseman and then the catcher the coach gets to and the pitcher.Then Short and infield.President and its the outfield,infield the whole turf and playing surface.He can focus on the mound or defense.Send in codes.Base running use a muck of signals with base coaches to make a distraction.Never have all loaded on runner to make distraction.Use president and stands,cheering.And base coach interaction with the batters.Bat gets the opposing players to move around.Mix the batting and make a bunch of signals that distract other team.Then the runner from practice makes his go at an angle.Trained at what angle and distance from 1st base they want runner vs each team.DIfferent because of snap throw per team like Baltimore's is not same as Boston's snap throw.Different angle and for some teams you slide in under tag like rocket.Some of them you have them beaten at couple steps to bag and slow down slide in.Angles of the bag and when their jump slide or slide in standing.A base stealer head first slide.3rd base coach gives codes to base runner and steal.Then batter orders to put a hit and run as distraction.Fans in stands in thousands can that are arranged fans-workers.And the other team stares at the dugout.Watching coaches signs intently.He can make signs to contact other team.President can use signs to contact to other team.Distract them.Catcher is like a PC.He is the hardrive that can record a plan the President has him memoize.He goes through the diet with the catcher who remembers as starter is familiar in practice with the diet.Catcher is like the drive of a computer to have the arsenal memorized or familiar.When they forget Pitcher improvises.Pitcher practices with the catcher on computer simulator for pitching.President can take control of pitching as the coaches can.Go to catcher and he imputs the plan.He distractions as order and short and 2nd baseman do signals to be involved or infield.Batting the Jays want increased percentage righty and lefty batters.Insert players or re-configurate batting order to put in increased percentage of left batter or right.Go down the lineup and you don't have any low percentages or batting stats vs teams they are facing.Put in and insert increased batting stats by what hand they are right or bats left vs each team.Regular players overall have batting stats vs each team.Same with pitching that effective right or left pitcher vs each team.Toronto wants the increased effectiveness of pitcher inserted in rotation.Regulars have overall stats vs each team.Put in rotation pitchers that have increased stats vs opposing teams.As in bullpen.Toronto with regular pitchers won't have higher stats vs part of the Majors.Putting in reserves and switching things so opposing faces better Blue Jays stats pitchers by right or left hand.Effectiveness gets outs and wins.Why you need to have your reserves in small groups.Hot and cold for offense and defense.Batting lineup go down vs certain teams that some players are cold so substitute them or ready before season began prepare insert someone that is lower than hot,warm.Because of the Major leagues and that each team opposition runs on a different system.Toronto plays differently vs groups of teams in Majors in both leagues that are similiar.But they are not the same.They in many areas are high and low and this throws off rest of the teams they face.Team needs to have high ratings in many other areas.From where the teams are from where specialize in strikeouts,shift defense.Some ground ball.Many hit power with triples.In order to adapt to them Toronto has reserves trained in Spring Training.And their numbers and being right or left that they have high stats vs certain teams.Regulars have basic stats level.In Toronto go higher on 2nd base vs other starter.Being lefty to win in match up vs pitcher.Some batters where left vs lefty they are great at hitting a breaking pitch diet Infield drawn in.Like a double play shift but they use it so no balls get out of IF.Toronto is not successful in regular season because they bet beaten because lineup like decay is low in stats vs who they are facing in offense and defense.Batting with the video camera training them to the other club's rhythm.Their pitches and batting are a rhythm they do or pattern formed from their assault.Their diet of pitches they throw to batter.Pitch selection and they watch for types of pitches using the camera system.Watch and give codes.Relay codes and they talk.During a game they might be allowed to relay codes from camera system.Pickup a cellular phone.Guess the rhythm more detail to change the batting types.Green light meant to hit fastballs.Other codes batting styles meant to hit pitches.Change batting to hit curve or splitter.Change code to plate from observing the plate.Club's video review.Regular players have basic stats being at a B or 70percent most vs opposition.Others dip down and get cold.Regular players get cold.Insert someone that is warm.Same on mound.Pitcher and catcher are like radar transmission back and forth.Send waves from catcher back to pitcher.To play games on the hitters to wreck up the offense.Catcher and pitcher,infield get codes from President view,or from dugout or stands.Relay.Then the pitch is pitched to the homeplate.Infielders are relay of messages then go to catcher.Pitcher part of relay of messages.Then he makes decision from relay messages from dugout,stands or President up in boxes.Infielders part of relay messages up to President.Continues throughout duration of 9innings.Messages can be change in pitching,bullpen.Baseball network of messages and use player to relay messages so pitcher and catcher don't overload and get predicted.Go to relay of messages.Practice instead of pitching pitches.Relay messages on practice.Then get the President's view and dugout,stands to work.How efficient your relay of messages is in baseball.Manager can't talk.He has to use codes opposition win on overload on frustrated club member.It backs up the rest of the players.Infield backing up catcher and pitcher.Because its just 2 players the opposition using 30 members and media to guess,fans across North America to crack code and guess.Many modes of messages can be complicated to simple.They on tv only have enough time.Timing in messages is efficiency.Hitting is a code.Toronto trains on the pitching code thrown to them makes batting easier.When the batter has signal to change his swings.Batters have multiple swilngs for each type of pitch and against each team in Majors.Batters alert level green light is type of hit.Demands for power and you don't have to blast the ball.Green light is type of batting stance and batters demand to playbook of plays.Get type of base running and batting together.Other batting alerts to hit contact could give you power.Its what types of pitches to jump on what diet for each alert the coach changes the offense.Type of batting style demanded not just for power.It works for power but you could get doubles from green light.Demand green light and your asking them to jump on breaking or high fastball.Have it read and coming.Scouting and codes the coaches loaded up like a catcher.Green light down the lines out of reach opposition defense.Backup on the box or to go closer to plate.Use different muscles.Drop the bat head.When the batter gets the code downstairs curve then he drops the bathead to reach in location of the pitch for offense.Batter and his many swings and pitching combo of each opponent.Base coach gives the code the batter is prepared to use his types of batting vs predicted pitch.Scouting or the manager watches the pitches,President.They go to predict and order up type of hit,swing and what power level.Medium to greenlight.And contact.Signal and batting style changes for offense.This is all of the offense.Train this in minors and farm club so they are better and better to obey code.Back in batters box to wait on pitch to blast it.Upfront close plate to surprise pitcher and drive a curve up over center with power.Give the signals catered to lineup and the team in types of hitters.Batter and the shift.Signal to shift in batters box.Hitter then watches the pitch and recognizes it and jumps all over it.Coaching and in stands were right.As a system they have to be able to predict opponent diet.Playing a game of figuring out,batting til they are right on for offense.Clutch hitter has all pressure of playoffs on them and delivers effective hit to drive in runs.Get the opposing team to be predictable.Go after them.Practice every hitter in lineup and to put in platoon players because of the group of teams that are similiar in Majors.The lineup must change their hitting.Against every team Toronto changes types of swings in the order vs opposing team.In Majors the series vs teams and its juggled up so they must in practice change their hitting in the batting order.Each hitter is fed a diet from opposing.He counters with each swing and must have a game plan for entire order in general.From scouting.As the game starts and progresses they get the alert of to change hitting in game from coaches,staff in stands,President up in boxes,from dugout view.Coaches for baserunning and for offense when Toronto is at bat put the hitter on alert.Swing and extend drop bathead for outside breaking ball.Alert to hit balanced,contact,power and type of swings.Where in batters box,close to plate or layed back in box.Practice and on a computer simulation practice with sensor bats.Train and adapt to each team with arsenal to go against each team or groups.Fit in in starting lineup players on bench that are higher vs other teams.Higher ratings in defense and in contact,batting average,even base running vs those teams.Don't have to drop in each rating level if you use starters from season then you'll except losing.Because each starter drops vs other teams.Games that they can win by fitting in platoon player.Base coaches can summon on alert for greenlight on pltches.They and staff in stands are attacking the pitching.See the change and are playing vs opposition.Plan in general from practice and all hitters are going for types of hits seeing different pitches,diet.Training and listening to codes from the Blue Jays Club.Cause all of the management and staff can see what a player at the plate cannot.Added to memorize the gameplan at the plate for each hitter to adjust using practice batting,computer simulator and change direction of pitching machine on mound.Change and have pitching machine that can throw off-speed.Pitching staffs on each team don't throw a fastball.It has a curving arc.That is how they counter a predicatable pitch.Toronto from scouting and games have a staff go over the predicatable pitches and the hot zone for batting.So the managers or coaches in IF and out on field trained to give signal that the pitch is predicatable and hot zone for Toronto and is different from all teams in league but to put teams in similiar categories.So the hitters eye is the coaches out on field.They help but can use staff in stands as network and President up boxes.Many of these out in stands in boxes per types of games will change postions in park and have binoculars and tablet and phone.They are approaching game at different perspective.They have a zone for batters to adjust their swing to big fat one.Stay away from unpredictable breaking with movement and unhittable pitches as every team Majors throws unhittable pitches.Just to adjust swing of batters to Blue Jays green light and types of hitters.Power from doubles.Ball is going to blasted and can leave park from doubles power with contact.Using PC's and tablets to players to train in practice.Records and games in past train the players to hot zones of batting in general and median to all other MLB teams.Predict help of coaches who are relaying in signals from other perspectives in park.Listen for whistle and codes.Look to manager in dugout view.Coaches are going and involved massively thinking about batting game plan and memorizing.At 3rd base its type of hit they are signalling.Type of batting style,contact,swing inside to pull,change where batter is in batters box.Sit back on pitches at the back.Swing to hit types of pitches the pitcher is throwing like breaking,drop the bathead and reach and go few feet back to sit on pitch.Change angle means where to pull the ball or go up the middle.Drive with power or get triple.Back in batters box and to pull the ball in 3rd base part of the field in left field up center from left closest to center,down the lines.1st base coach is for signals to drive ball to right field and to center closest to right field.Drive it down the lines.And for bunting use the coaches as coach is full of strategy for base running and batting.Bunt.1st base towards 2nd base and to 2nd baseman's area to down lines at 1st.3rd base down lines on 3rd to shortstop area and to pitching mound.Bunt is looking for hot zone for buntable pitch.Bunting pitches are different than batted pitches.Go over archives vs Majors and see pattern of hot zone pitches for effective bunting.Know name of pitches and arcing the other club throws them at and speed of pitches.Pitching coach gets into expertise in pitches to batting.Explains fundementals of pitching and speeds and arc and where it lands on grid of batting zone.Bullpen is bunch of Jay Pitchers that are trained from the starters location and pitch types,speeds that they do not throw in area of the starter from chart of strike zone.Pitch chart.They throw everything off the hot zone.Starter goes after hot zones on batters with codes from base coaches,President's box.Bullpen has a starter that lays off the hot zone and that is how the bullpen is effective from studying their own starter and his pitch chart with speeds and types of pitches.They do not throw any mistakes from starter or throw any fat pitches are cutout that the opposing clubs do damage on.They go on Toronto's effective pitches.Cut down amount of pitches to pass it onto another reliever.2 to 3 pitches,Some curves,and fastballs,slider and cut.Bullpen comes in aggressive and only starter uses the base coaches for advice to change his game.Bullpen is a unit that has their own crowd in stands.Cutoff from rest of the club so they don't come down with any contamination from opposing clubs.They have their own game.Throw in effective pitches only.Come out to stop the bleeding.Come out when starter is roughed up to win the game.Throw a stingy diet in Toronto.Starter in rotation that is modified to work like bullpen.Bullpen has phones and coaches.They are practicing out tactics.Use pitching computer simulator without a ball.Hand has ball on screen pitches.Starter has endurance for 8 innings and does not get tired in late innings.They like selecting a healthy apple or banana.Riped.Attributes to a starter is long endurance and effectiveness of throwing each pitch to perfection from training in the minors.Bullpen is based on following out orders and are strict.They can take over starter to issue out orders.Bullpen wants only stingy diet in short inning game plans.Concentrate on strike outs,ground outs and pop flies.They go to other than jam the hitter.They will strike out and go after hitter unpredictable to offense.Put together reports and pitching charts.Obey a code and manager can direct a bullpen as mode.They annalyze codes Toronto uses on pitching.Accumulate the successful codes to starter and the ones the offense defeated.They go over the codes part of the game.Gather the codes and train the bullpen to crack the offense codes using successful Jays codes.Coaches.Tip off your hat code.Noises in crowd by workers.Calling out a play.They go over these specifically to go with what works.Some codes for the starter means throw in hot zone to strike out hitters.In dugout the pitching coach and review of plays vs each team.View from bullpen and coaches in dugout.Pitching coach is part of bullpen.Member.He understands how bullpen is broken up into few innings.Each type of hit is a play.Play is bunch of factors in baseball like hitting and running,many thiings you can predict.Predict shorten your swing power to pull the ball on fastball and you as club know what's going to happen.Many types of hits,drop the bathead,extension to go other way,swing high up middle are all predictable by the club.Know the chemistry when breaking ball and offspeed does for each MLB club that faces Toronto.Get play ready bunch of instructions the players know without the coach to shout out.Efficiency of the club use codes.They know bunch of things by studying play charts using arrows on playing surface and on bases.Codes like military but in baseball.Players all change when the coach on 1st or 3rd change what happens at the plate,angle of hitting and amount of power measured in leaving the infield to wall.They all watching even president and dugout view.They are sending signals for best judgement.Its like a bunch of messages.Whistle and rubbing cap.When they all comeout with right judgement he has changed where he is in batters box to go up the middle power because predict OF will have opening for the ball to fall as double.Type of swing to each pitch from other ball clubs and results.Hittable pitches for offense that they grouped and use what arsenal of hitting on it from Jays archives.What can you use on breaking or fastball.From Reds,Rangers who.Predict the pitch then the batter knows how to position himself in batters box and his batting level,green light,conservative hitting,defensive batting with power.Directions and how far in field.Combination of pitches,each pitcher throws diet of curve,fastball,slider or any other pitches.Many of them have top secret pitches and they call it a slilder and fastball when its crooked.These combinations of pitches are examined by the many areas being the dugout,seats and up in boxes all view and combine together to know the diet they receive.They are in a difficulty combination like slot machines.It can be predicted from viewing and jotting it down,or on tv,video or CD's.Archives to go to the batting computer simulation to battle back against Baltimore and Dodgers.Location is mixed up like a safe combination code lock.To go over the pattern and in Minors to bring up players trained to these teams and their pitch combinations.Batters get the base coaches to re-configure their postion and type of hitting alert,contact,green light and doubles power.And the batter watches pitches and how he makes contact in seeing pitches that like a rank they work with the batting coach and coaches.The pitching machine throws or launches or in computer simulation batting they call each pitch.They help the Blue Jays in developing eye for batting.See the pitch and change the hitting when it comes in.Predict pitches from base coaches as option but use the batter.His view and decisions because he can see what pitch it is and swing to score.Homegrown players might be more loyal from contract then visiting trade free agent players.They Blue Jays develope a batting mechanism using help.Go to 3rd base or dugout or to boxes in stands.Many options and what level trained to go to.And at the batters box at the plate,the batter is one.Power and size is what Toronto needs to get activated in pitching and batting.Fielders with size and power and many sizes.Toronto really needs a large black guy on the mound.Races.Black bullpen pitcher in their system large guy because of getting command to throw power and high 100's.Size in baseball and Toronto needs size on positions like fielding.Batting and in OF size will run down pitches.Larger guy and by race as black player or mixed black and other races.Toronto needs to get this going.Size and the green light at the plate.Large size at the plate green light for Toronto needs to get the power command going for runs from putting it in the stands.Using the video and monitors observe the game.Using video on codes to not pickoff batting codes.Because if they know what alert of batting the Blue Jays are then they will know and be ready to play them.Using the video cameras system to mixup batting codes.To tell them by video monitor how to bat.Where the pitches are coming and what speeds,what types.Type of batting in the box and switch around at the plate unpredictable that how their shift works.Power command to and Pillar.Get more players in homerun derby.Once they are trained and obey the code they can go searching and deliver power when they see pitch.Using contact code its getting them wins need to get up green light and power.Proper champion can deliver ball in stands.They got to train their hitting in stands and where.In power when commanded where do they control aim in power.Hit the truck or hit many parts of hotel.Hit off the foul pole or in that area.Command hit for power.How good Toronto is command for power.Trained in minors the command power.Hit for power.Where.Using different muscles for jumping on pitches.Different player builds.What pitch they can hit.On the mound to blow them away or jam them high 100's in pitching.Selection for size and getting the command "Power".The batters have scouting reports on pitchers.On the opposition and change their swings that for that series they cut out swings and add in swings from strike zone chart and speeds,location.Change swing and train on computer batting cage simulation.Cut down on swings and go with ones.Pitching and catching have scouting reports on lineup and per player and their plan they cut out and add in diet.Pitcher is a of fielders,IF and OF.He launches the ball as short can throw the ball as OF can.Pitcher throws the ball like a fielder to catcher who allowed to catch the amounts of pitches.1st baseman can catch as 2nd in pickoff.Pitcher has types of pitches derived from IF.OF can throw but throws high.IF throws low.Pitcher is type of IF throws all over the strike zone and outside.Pitcher has percepctive to watch opposition to scout.Form scouting from players.Dugout filling out short questionaires less page long quick out of 5 or 10 ratings circle them.Collected by coaches.Pitcher throws curve which could come from infielder throw to 1st.Pitcher uses senses.Watches and hears.Uses memory and can daydream to coast pitches.Recite the game plan and reminder by catcher the diet.Catcher positions glove reminder to IF the pitcher.Pitcher goes so fast that the catcher is wearing padding and facemask.Types of uncatchable pitches and how far slanted pitches can go to get strikeout.Pitcher is inbetween 2nd and home plate faces to home plate from his the mound.Pitcher in bullpen is meant to pickoff signals from the opposition from his position at the mound.Catcher learns from mound view.President has electronics and is past the boundry line in stadium for the playing surface.Pitcher had mound area to pickoff signals and signs.Catcher was to collect and relay back to dugout or President and spread to 3rd to 1st and OF.Stealing signs chances.Inbetween 1st,2nd and 3rd base and home.Pitcher can steal signs from the only player the batter and coaches on 1st and 3rd base and even umpires.Team watches the umpires legal.Manager can read the umpires.System in crowd to read the umpires as they have chosen a team to win like judge has made his decision.Electronics to watch umpires.Umpires will talk to winning team in signals.Baseball is winner predicted game umpires have favoured teams in history of work on field.Get those lines painted as they go after law breakers in baseball and cheaters and non-Hall of Fame teams.They have argued and become bias.You have the mound to pickoff signals on umpires.Bases setup towards the umpires to play against them.Board boss or champion or Hall of Fame.Catcher vs umpires to make umpire for your team.Catcher is team's umpire and goes to coaching since player as umpire.Pitcher can use player umpire the catcher.Pitcher steals signals.Bullpen is meant to steal signs practice on new info with president and box seats and electronics media.Pitcher is from bullpen as starter in rotation steal signs.Game the team's umpire catcher.He is racing to the real umpire behind him,Negotiator on the whole team.Must not talk to umpire or rule charge the team.Short stop relay man to OF.Coach helps in the diet.From spray charts and strike zone charts they figure out diet to throw to each hitter.Limit down the hot zone pitches and go with throwing more sliders.Bullpen eliminating vs each team and adding in plays or pitching diet vs each team.Go with arsenal of effective pitches vs each team.They use certain pitchers alot and alot vs other teams.Pitcher is observer in his arsenal and annalyst.He watches the pitches and when goes dugout reports from players busy using batting to get reports done and phone.Tablet.And this accumulated on how the players are all annalyzing opposition to help the manager collects the tablets and reports on his PC and records.Must terminal to tablets.President spends money on computer network for the Blue Jays.Has a staff of coaches and workers on PC.Pitcher and catcher both observing catcher is recording down location and spots and type of movement and the opposing batters.Pitcher watching pitches from his grips.Observing the pitch count and diet.Mound view goes to President and to dugout view.Get their electronics going for scouting and managing in dugout and inside the stadium with line done paint crossing the line rule out of bounds of playing surface and when you leave to your car and come back.Observation by pitchers and bullpen.Going in to dugout and questions circle out of 10 to 0.Have ready made forms quick for batting.Many have diaries.And in fielding the fielders have scouting reports on where to play each hitter.They can re-align and make alignments vs each hitter on reports and in practice they practice the alignments vs each hitter.They know how he hits and where to play him and his club.Infielders and outfielders have scouting reports on how to align on hitters.Play them.Scouting is the spray charts the the fielders have looked at and make judgement along orders from coaching and club.How each player in defense makes decisions and then orders.They know spray chart hot and cold.Each parts of field and stands.Outfielder can judge what to throw the hitter because of where he's going to hit a breaking pitch.Coach calls up certain plays vs each team Toronto faces for infield and outfield alignments vs each hitter.Get to know the hitters and vs each team,club.When they pivot their back leg they can go with a stride but a stride does not pivot and when you pivot your jumping on diet pitch.Its going momentum to different parts of the park.Pivot backleg and code from coach for the shift meaning the back leg and what angle it pivots.Go up the middle with wrists and forearms on inside cutter or breaking but the pivot leg back on command from team or coach.Drives the pitch in location to various parts of the OF.Pivoting code and secret code between the offense and coaches.Stride with pivot laid back on pitch and they are hitting type of pitch.One for the knuckle to pivot because the body in NL is turning to help the bat.Pivot they get power from weight and tun direction of right field,center field and up the middle on right hitter.Green light.Stances to counter breaking or high inside fastball to make slider hittable.Not in the hands as hands is swing and position.Legs and body.Can go with just pivot get in AL the slugger part of the body,weight in arms and partial movement destroy high up pitches even fastball on knuckles and drive it in Left field.Pivot and use of body,Lay the bat and in practice and simulator practice.Get the character to make the arms swing separate from body shift and pivot.Hitting type of pitch with this and its in location.Players head will go outwards to pull the ball.Player and his upper body travel with the ball to put it up the middle.Not stiff body.Stiff body as command you fly out with power.Get in code in bodies position.As this is scoring.Alomar was in middle of the plate and like Joc Pederson slammed it with the bathead upwards not uppercut.Weight distribution with pivot.What pitch confront with defensive batting.Laid back but with power.Swinging behind the count for those diet pitches but to put weight distribution to part field and its going to leave the park upper decks from body motioin pivot.Stiff body is the extension theory.Extend your arms with the bat straight and swing and arms extend out further in cm.Most of the time theiy hit the ball with end of the bat.Timing to place the end of the bat in strike zone in hitting land.Coach calls code from report that its going to be low breaking,go back on batters box and jump at the pitch in many levels of strikezone,body turn with right and left pivot to help the arms.This has timing and batters eye from reports from coaches or stands.Meant to get the batter ready in game of baseball but predicted in stance that this ball is going breaking low over strikezone because coach told me and stands staff told me.I have my stance ready and strike and they were right.I pivot like coach and put the ball pulled,Body and head travel towards left direction.Gives you legs for balance when you head and body are on left or right side or upfront.Draw out offensive plays.Get stack of them like cards and PC.Practice the ones you need in next game.Predicted swing on pitch so swing slams the ball.Offense and scouting to get offense.And having wise President.Its also to compensate defensively vs opposition catcher and the umpires.You have batter and coaches to help.Catcher is stealthy and does not tell you he is trying to get you fiercely out or game of cat and mouse.Pitcher shrugs with codes and he has a gang of players.Coach and his signals is helping to battle umpires and catcher.He is stairing and telling his pitcher legs.Got to change the footing.He is the other teams umpire representative.Players get used to cutting out plays and adding in plays for fielding alignment and from stands signals.President has view field.Manager's view field from dugout and bullpen view of the field.Infield practice is to use the pitching machine and pitching coach to throw in balls to practice a shift on.Hitter adjusts to shift with computer simulation practice program to do a shift and bat with a screen.Watch and distance from screen and pitches come in to practice hitting with shift and for each opposing team.Their shift program into computer practice and to practice live with players forming shift.And then bat with type of pitch.Then they practice their hitting and control hitting with obstacles like the infielders putting on shift.And for the outfield shift and playing them left and right and deep,shallow or ordinary.Keep practicing til they land in as hits.Video team that does the game and watches when Toronto goes into problems like a bullpen.Its separate and they go over video on the road or at home to see what the oppostion is jumping on pitches.Go over it with coach.Coach views what is going wrong.He examines with replay and puts in plays that are counter old plan.Video replay crew and their own video on the road from a video crew in stands.And they go into action when problems happen to examine them and freeze them with PC's.Use their boxes and areas in the stadium.They have road equipment like the baseball simulation practice,portable.And someone is watching them in their room but can't learn.Breakdown on the mound,for defense or even batting.Catcher is receptor to start initiate the new plan as infielders.The video replay crew were freeze frame and doing spray chart.And pitching chart.Regain themselves massively.Change of plan and to go another set of plans.Video replay crew and box seats and dugout.Manager calls on his video replay crew change of plans to the mound and set of pitches changed.As for defense and alignment.Batting at the plate to change their swing type and where in box.Video used to give codes to the batters.They use to predict hits watching the club's video of entire game and review it in clubhouse.President sees things and they are on video replay to batting codes.Video and batting practice computer simulator.Using the batting practice computer simulator to train codes in batters from coaches on video of the batting box.Guess pitches and where they are to change the swing and change the alert level to red light to green light.Video and training in codes which help the batter in computer batting simulation training vs clubs.Program clubs and the SD card for each club.Change what pitch to jump on.Go after the breaking low and away drop the bathead.Video replay crews help with coach to change things before they are in the hole.The most legal way to obtain information from other teams is called the "Trade".It sends a representative of the offering of information which all teams make big on and change their methods in every aspect.Change fundementals and add to system.They have each type of player they get,OF,IF,pitcher,catcher,manager and President,GM.They then get knowledge legally from another team.Change batting methods from players from trade that teach and leave it when they move on shortly as hired gun.Teachings and team then has these to teach to their younger players and farm system.Install it in the minds and swings of minor league players.Pitching methods.Bullpen pitching.Toronto is worse at this because they make zero of trades while other teams hurt them with methods they learned and have their own league without Toronto in rivalries.Teachings from trade your aquiring and legal right of player to teach from other club.Trade players are teachers or mentors.They lend in information from other clubs.Buy contracts and rights to methods offered by other clubs.Video and monitors interaction,private telecast.Coaching using monitors.Plays and monitors.Pitcher is meant in many innings to throw off the hitters with his pitch diet.Bullpen has different pitchers with different set of pitches.This means combination of pitches that throws off the opposition.A starter can be like bullpen and changes his location and arsenal in a game to be successful.He has changed in 3innings pitch diet and location like a bullpen.They do this to throw off the bats in not throwing to consecutive area in pitch location and speeds.Starters can act like a bullpen and after 3innings change diet of pitches.The catcher can order up pitch diet from President's view or manager.They can order up to change the pitches and locations in combinations.Change in pitch diet combinations for the game.Goes from bullpen to reliever.Throws off the bats.Trained into pitchers they get used to it.They have a set of ready made plans to what happens change of events.Set of plans in offense,defense.When something happens they change plans and go to set of plans vs categories of teams.Practice these set of plans and fine tune them in practice.Computer simulation practice.Manager is the one controls the set of plans and to change or stay to them consistant.They were going with the game plan but its a game of changing plans to backup plans on each category of teams.Teams are similiar.Changes the teams approach and batting,pitching and fielding.Change things around trained to each plan and call,signal to change around.Not playing to what is predicted.Sort of using policing and when things change they change what to do and what direction and actions on the ball.Pitching and defense and batting.Base running.Visualization by the entire team in defense,offense and pitching.Manager can visualize to imagine and see it planned.Visualize and done by visualizing experts.They train using practice to visualize the playing surface.Batting simulation and pitching.Defense to predict and visualize the plays with the team.Got to be able to practice and see the plays in imagination and to be able to line themselves up in formation.Visualizing the plays.Pitches to practice and visualize them as batting to visualize types of hits over and over practicing on computer simulation.Manager to visualize his plans set of tactics.He can change and re-arrange the team.All of the coaches in on tactics here and there.Main tactics from manager.George Poulis could initiate drugging on players so they are not effected emotionally in a stadium.Drugging to reduce anxiety of players to help them do plays in defense,pitching and batting.They can think straight forward and get the playbook done.Practice on computer simulation on drugging.Injection of cocktail in shoulder legal baseball drugs.Like a military that is baseball.Players will stray off.Nerves up and of steel and need bullpen and starter drugged to throw types of pitches and remember plan for pitch diet.Catcher being drugged to be on a mode for base runners and batter,fielding and changing plays for infield.Relay help of trainer injections.Make them calmer and more their character without the levels raised up higher in areas.Lowered to get the players to think on field.Distraction is gone for them to play with pressure which baseball is.Drugging and diet of leaves and plants in food and drink their pop that has drugs in it for playing baseball.Use a food item to get the drugs in their system.Separation of food and drugging.Use of herbal drugs.Pitching is what teams go to on each pitcher to score runs.Plays they use on defense to cover the pitcher.What tactics a team uses to score on pitcher and his defense.Defense to limit the offense down.Pitcher's defense is very important to what types of outs a pitcher utilizes towards opposition.The way pitcher fights back is the defensive alignment which when a team wants to score they use the outfield against the opposition to come and hit it to papa.Hit them in range of outfield and pitcher to know his OF.Know his IF to go to them and change towards scouting on their starter.And bullpen.IF has come to hit it to papa.Pitcher and his diet sorted out that these pitches in his arsenal get outs in Blue Jays history.Pitcher being covered by his defense even to OF for outs.Sky rocket the ball.Popups.Effectiveness and team work.What they go to get runs on Blue Jays starter.Bunt and move runners scoring so what about Jays defense and what was wrong making runners get from base to base.Cover against that from manager's codes.Relaying codes to counter moving the runner to get outs.Getting outs is how they cover their starter the defense.Toronto was beaten when they used their system and played harder baseball then Toronto.Encarnacion and Batista were pitched hard and struckout as Donaldson.It got to a harder level as the teams played playoffs baseball.Toronto made blunders though and needed to trapdoor the lead.They had the lead and seal it shut on offense.They gave in in pitching David Price.2 blunders from Price.RA Dickie and 2nd pitching vs Royals.Toronto had a time limit to get runs because their offense was jammed.Jammed at the plate using their system and it was harder and better.Mets getting all the offense Toronto wanted.Get the runs on board shut the door with pitching even to 9th.Gibbons coaching was not strict enough.Toronto had elements to win.Price and his outing vs Royals and he had 3 run lead.Bullpen failed Price.Estrada was playoff preformer.Estrada's pitching.Even Strohlman.Going right way.Estrada was on the right track with Price 2nd.Choke in batting and offense.Add some power and get some famous players out there.Get clutch hitter.Toronto had no clutch hitters no limit on clutch hitters.Carter,Alomar and Molitor were power and clutch hitters.Royals were using tremendous amount of speed.Speed on bases and this advantage over Toronto having speed players.Use this in fielding.Toronto has Pillar but he is no speed player.Tuluwitzki was in the clutch spot.Toronto needed batting if they go cold down the order to get hot.Bats were jammed.Every pitch they hit was jammed.They need a hitter that is not similiar to Encarnacion and Batista are similiar.Need one that has power that is not jammed to do something lower part batting order.Errors were hurting Toronto but it was the bullpen and Sanchez.Sanchez gave in to the Royals.Need a larger pitcher on the mound.A big guy that throws hard.Large guy.Toronto had jigsaw puzzle the right things.Hendricks knew what he was doing.Royals used their experience to beat Toronto.They knew in all categories what to go to,pitching and better fielding.Toronto needs to go out and create lineup that lower order does not get cold.All pressure on Colabella is how Jays snap at not backing up and surrounding Colabella.He was one and Royals went after him.Need clutch hitters.Technique in batting and pitching.Each hitter has a technique towards types of pitches and pitcher.Fit in order batting stance that has a technique against the pitches diet.Same with a starter and bullpen have technique of pitches towards a slugger.Isolate the pitching diet sent to each batter.Coaching and they help batter to the point he has a singled out choice of a pitch.They all watch and take it to down to guess and predict pitching for the batter.As a hitter having command he singles out the pitch he wants to swing and the club.Batter does not bat on his own and obeys a plan in practice and codes.

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