The Florida Marlins are the Toronto Blue Jays in NL.They are for purposes many major league teams have a stable which leads to one team.They then pick a team and fill up their roster for problems they have in AL to solve in NL.They have bought management and franchise as power.They then conduct to be the Marlins and Blue Jays for number of seasons have less players,play competitive not to win it as Marlins will win it when they do this.

Florida Marlins

By baseball laws and many just go to the teams.They then solve their problems in NL and playoff problems.The Marlins have the J's Format playbook.They then can install their format for the J's to change modes in seasons using NL format plays.They then get Marlins to engineer the plays,get them going.Marlins are explorers and researching experience and reverse.Marlins could use J's AL playbook format once its done.Format.Procedures in-play.The Jays by now should have been above an expansion and to win the rights with something huge in accomplishment.Pirates then could be handled to hand over plays and play book and the Jays won't be jipped anymore.Insurgence Marlins as Jays.History the World Champions could not take it vs Indians and Yankees and beat them and they are on Jays list.Jays will have to beat from 70's a team threatening them with song LIve to Rise.KC Royals and Royals beat the Jays.Jays to take advantage as teams that did not act responsible then got defeated by this and became spoilers.Developing baseball in Toronto.They need their staff and things inside Marlins and if the Marlins rebelled they still get their things in many more years later to come back,not damaged and fortified better than Toronto.Rivalries.Managing and gaining plays then they could use this for Toronto's play.Toronto would not sink.This is backing each other up.One has to be older than the other or to hold more accomplishments.To live as a franchise and a successful one out numbered by Eastern Seaboard and spoilered they would need this.Marlins are not doing well in long streak.This is the answer in MLB but for teams in situations.That is where teams get to stock up quality players and don't breakdown.Shuffle in system.It has Canadian management to start this franchise.Toronto would need more power to overcome their situation and get deals.Compatible team.Non-compatible and they swipe all and team gets nothing except loss.For teams to threaten.Negotiations are negotiations.Losing is losing.Its not like 80yrs but they played better in 60's,that is lying.

The Blue Jays in baseball are uneducated and illiterate in baseball jargen and dialogue.They don't have desks in dome setup for education.This is how Cordero sits at a desk with Fraser and they do education in dome.Pictures and they turn into old complicated codes.That is how to improve and not lose.Baseball education to the university level and in history.Jays collect a scrap book and learn bad habits from trade and by spoiler teams opposition.Bad Company friendships.They are going through an era poor education.Team is united in school part of the stadium dome.They do school.Manager and rest of staff,owner all participation.

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